Static Control Ionizing Guns & Lab Coats • Phone: 800-832-4866 • 94 Fax: 800-854-8665 OrIONTM Sidekick SIMCO orIONTM static neutralizing blow-off gun with choice of foot control or photoelectric on/off switch provides high performance and reliability in a compact, compressed-air nozzle. The high blow-off force quickly removes electrostatic surface charges from sensitive products, while an easy-to-replace 0.01 micro particle filter at nozzle end and flexible gun mount ensure clean air is always delivered exactly where it’s needed. Balance is self-maintained at better than 0+15 volts. Includes bracket for easy benchtop mounting. 120V. OrIONTM w/Sidekick Foot Control Pedal controls both ionization and airflow, reducing compressed air costs. No. 709ST0004 ..................$983.00 Econo$hieldTM 3/4 Length Smock Front closure and wrist-adjustment snaps powder-coated to match the fabric. .. ECX-500 Medium-Weight Fabric .. 98% Polyester, 2% Carbon Thread .. Lapel Collar .. Set In Style Sleeves TT No. Color Size PRICE 766AP1000 Blue XS $41.58 766AP1001 Blue S $39.60 766AP1002 Blue M $39.60 766AP1003 Blue L $39.60 766AP1004 Blue XL $39.60 766AP1005 Blue XXL $47.52 766AP1006 Blue XXXL $49.30 766AP1007 Blue 4XL $49.90 766AP1008 Blue 5XL $49.30 766AP1010 White S $41.58 766AP1011 White M $41.58 766AP1012 White L $41.58 766AP1013 White XL $41.58 766AP1014 White XXL $49.90 766AP1015 White XXXL $49.90 766AP1017 White 5XL $49.90 Hallmark Jackets and Lab Jackets TT No. Color Size PRICE 766AP3000 Blue S $59.76 766AP3001 Blue M $59.76 766AP3002 Blue L $57.60 766AP3003 Blue XL $59.76 766AP3004 Blue XXL $69.12 766AP3005 Blue XXXL $71.71 766AP3006 Blue 4XL $72.58 766AP3014 Burgundy S $60.48 766AP3015 Burgundy M $60.48 766AP3016 Burgundy L $60.48 766AP3017 Burgundy XL $60.48 766AP3018 Burgundy XXL $72.58 Hallmark Lab Coat - Knee Length TT No. Color Size PRICE 766AP3021 Blue S $69.93 766AP3022 Blue M $69.93 766AP3023 Blue L $69.93 766AP3024 Blue XL $69.93 766AP3025 Blue XXL $81.24 TT No. Color Size PRICE 766AP3028 Royal Blue S $65.36 766AP3029 Royal Blue M $65.36 766AP3030 Royal Blue L $65.36 766AP3031 Royal Blue XL $65.36 766AP3032 Royal Blue XXL $78.62 A. Hallmark Jacket - Waist Length OFX-100 Lightweight Fabric; 87% Polyester, 13% Carbon Thread; ESD Grid Knit Cuffs; Raglan Style Sleeves; Ground Cord Snap on Hip Pocket for Hands-Free Grounding. B. Hallmark Lab Jacket - Waist Length IVX-400 Medium Weight Fabric; 93% Polyester, 7 % Carbon Thread; ESD Grid Knit Cuffs; Raglan Style Sleeves; Ground Cord Snap on Hip Pocket. A High-performance ionizing air gun for electronics manufacturing and cleanroom applications. Hands-free operation, flexible positioning! 709ST0004 Balanced to 0 ±15V, the Top GunTM features high blow-off force of up to 100PSI to provide efficient cleaning and rapid static charge decay. The gun body is static dissipative, lightweight (less than 7oz) but durable and features a light-touch trigger. All control functions are built into the gun for easy operator use: airflow control, ion balance adjustment and a two-level LED to indicate both power and ionization. The Top GunTM features inherent balance and an emitter point good for the life of the unit, for “maintenancefree” operation. Specs: discharge time: <1.3 sec. at 6". (USA) No. 709ST0003 7' Cable; 120 VAC ....................................$884.00 No. 709ST505 Replacement air filters - 2/pk......................$64.50 Top GunTM – Ionizing Air Gun .. Electronically balanced to 0 (±15V) .. Operates on compressed air or nitrogen .. Adjustable airflow control 5 to 100 PSI .. Emitter point never needs replacement 709ST0003 B Protective garments in a range of styles. Lightweight, flexible air hose moves with you to make work easier. AirForce® Ionizing Gun Ergonomic design, lighttouch trigger, and easy-view LED minimizes fatigue and eliminates wrist hyperextension. Compact console can be mounted anywhere. Incorporates continuous DC ion emission with average discharge times of <1 second, and features low audible noise with an ion balance of ±30V and a .01m filter. Gun measures 8" L x 3" W x 1" D. Console: 8.5"W x 1.6"D. AirForce® Ionizing Air Gun Kit No. 709ST115 Includes Air Gun and 120 VAC Transformer ........$910.00 No. 709ST6115 Gun Only ............................................................$838.00 Transformer
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