Soldering/DesolderingFluxRemovers Flux Removers Fast-drying, ozone-safe, residue-free solvents for circuit board cleaning. Model Polar Flux Remover Lead-Free PowerClean Heavy Duty SuprClean Primary Function Heavy cleaning for aged flux, paste residues Defluxer for lead-free solder paste residues. The strongest defluxer/ degreaser, period Very powerful defluxer and degreaser, for fast, effortless cleaning Primary Chemical or Ingredient Organic solvents HFC and trans solvents HFC and trans solvents Aroma Acetone Slight Very Slight Toxicity (TLV or AEL) 190 200 (est.) 256 (est.) Flammability Flammable Nonflammable Nonflammable Removes Fluxes Best on both tin/ lead and lead-free Best lead-free Very Good Removes Other Residues Very Well Inks, fingerprints, oxides, grease and oils Grease, Oils, Fingerprints Grease, Oils Plastic-Safe? No No No Drying Speed (or “Evaporation Rate”) Slow Very Fast Very Fast Suitable for Use in Heated Cleaning System No No No Package Size TT No. PRICE 10 oz. Aerosol 565CH116 $16.28 10 oz. Aerosol 565CH671 $24.25 12 oz. Aerosol 565CH002 $27.45 Model General- Purpose Flux Remover C No-Clean VeriClean Alcohol- Enhanced ProClean VOC-Free UltraClean Primary Function Moderately powerful, versatile defluxer safe on most plastic components A milder, versatile defluxer very safe on plastics and for skin contact The mildest defluxer, totally plastic-safe, mil-spec approved VOC-Free flux remover complies with CARB, SCAQMD + WHMIS Primary Chemical or Ingredient HFC Solvents Siloxanes Ultra-Pure Alcohols Siloxanes and VOC-exempt, cleaners Aroma Very Slight Mild Alcohol Slight Toxicity (TLV or AEL) 240 (DuPont) 200 (Dow-Corning) 568 (calc.) 100 ppm (TWA) Flammability Nonflammable Flammable Flammable Flammable Removes Fluxes Very Good except lead-free Good, very versatile Good, very versatile Best on rosin- based fluxes Removes Other Residues Very Well – Silicone residues, coatings – Light grease and oils Plastic-Safe? Test Yes Yes Yes Drying Speed (or “Evaporation Rate”) Fast Medium Slow Fast Suitable for Use in Heated Cleaning System Yes No No No Package Size TT No. PRICE 10 oz. Aerosol 565CH004 $23.25 10 oz. Aerosol 565CH001 $23.95 12 oz. Aerosol 565CH010 $16.15 10 oz. Aerosol 565CH710 $23.57 ¦ Reduces waste ¦ Heat shield protects hose from hot soldering tips ¦ Improves solvent control to clean more effectively Durable for years of use, including hose and aerosol connectors. Produced with ESD-dissipative materials and complies with MIL-STD-2000 requirements. Includes standard brush. No. 565CH021 ......................................$41.25 ESD-Safe bench mount kit No. 565CH022 ......................................$14.18 A. Natural Bristle Brush No. 565CH023 ......$5.78 B. Surface Mount Brush No. 565CH5544 ....$7.95 A B Trigger GripTM System for MicroCare Solvents Accessories for the Trigger Grip System Everything you need to economically clean circuit boards at the workbench. Ready-to-use engineered cleaning system with spray-through brush for simple and fast flux removal and touch-up cleaning. Cleans in seconds. ESD-safe. Reduces fluid use by 66%. Includes: Long-life, reusable Trigger Grip™, 12 oz. aerosol high-purity cleaning fluid, bench-mounting kit, 100 high-performance lint-free dry wipes. No. 565SO455 ..................$61.75 Circuit Board Cleaning Station For perfectly clean parts 100% of the time. Defluxer for R, RA and RMA type fluxes. Cleans PC boards, contacts, relays, gold fingers and most types of electronics. CFC-and HCFC-free. Leaves no residue. Fast evaporator. High flash point. Use concentrated or mixed with water up to 50% in ultrasonic cleaners screen/stencil cleaning machines. 1 gallon container No. 501CH9105 ..............$50.67 Solder Paste and Flux Remover Value Flux Removal Kit Just what you need to make short work of rosin and no-clean fluxes packaged for your convenience. Includes: • 1 -VALUE+ Flux Remover 12 oz. aerosol • 1 -Aluminum Handle Hand Laced Brush with 3 rows of horse hair bristles • 50 -Extra-absorbent 6" Foam Swabs (1" x .375" head diameter). No. 758SO920 ....$36.66 Techni-Tool gives you the same top quality chemicals at substantial savings. • Phone: 800-832-4866 • Fax: 800-854-8665 62
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