Soldering/Desoldering Cleaners/Degreasers A B D E F Contact Cleaners Cleans oils and contaminants off relays, contacts and housings. E-Line - Very strong cleaner, economical but flammable. G3 - Very strong cleaner, most economical non-flammable. Features Flammable Flash Point Cleaning Strength Plastic Safe Ozone Safe VOC (EPA) Toxicity (TLV) Residue-Free Use on live circuits Specially for Size TT No PRICE Size TT No PRICE 1622 E-Line Yes 22°F Best Best Yes 75%wt 200 ppm Yes No Low cost, strong cleaner 10 oz. Aerosol 754CH622 $15.07 13 oz. Aerosol 754CH625 $17.17 1632 G3 No None Best Better Yes 60%wt 200 ppm Yes No Non-flammable, strong cleaner ­ 16 oz. Aerosol 754CH1632 $30.94 C G Cleaners More than a Contact Cleaner ­ Chemically improves connections without harm to metal and plastics. DeoxIT® Connector Rejuvenator Improves conductivity on ALL metal surfaces. Deoxidizes, cleans, lubricates and protects; reduces intermittents, wear, arcing and RFI. A. No. 218AE005 Spray, flushing solvent (5% formula), 142g ........$19.95 No. 218CH905 Spray, non-flammable solvent (5% formula), 163g....$32.95 B. No. 218CH102 Needle, 100% liquid, non-flammable, 25 mL........$32.95 C. No. 218CH100 Pen, 100% liquid, non-flammable, 6 mL ..............$21.95 DeoxIT® GOLD, Conditioner Maintains new system performance. Conditions and protects all plated and base metals; Prevents dendrite/fretting corrosion; Seals and protects; Reduces intermittents, wear, arcing and RFI. D. No. 218OZ100 Needle, 100% liquid, non-flammable, 25mL ........$59.95 E. No. 218CH500 Wipes, individual, non-flammable, 50/pk ............$39.95 F. No. 218AE056 Spray, flushing solvent (5% formula), 142g ........$27.95 No. 218CH5151 Spray, non-flammable solvent, (5% formula), 163g ....$34.95 G. No. 218CH052 Pen, 100% liquid, non-flammable, 6mL ..............$27.95 Pow-R-WashTM Delta Electronics Contact Cleaner Highly efficient, effective solvent cleaner rapidly clean dirt, oils, grease, carbon and other contaminants from electronic components and assemblies. Nonflammable, fast-drying, and leaves no residue, this cleaner safe for use on energized equipment and is compatible with most metals and plastics. Non-ozone depleting, low VOC and GWP. Features an All-Way spray valve that even sprays upside down. 12 oz aerosol. No. 237CH1681......................................$30.93 DeoxIT Contact Cleaner Unique, 100% spray contact cleaner, rejuvenator, conductivity enhancer and lubricant; dissolves oxidation and corrosion on metal surfaces, fills in microscopic gaps and reseals surface for better contact to enhance flow of electricity. Improves connector performance/reliability and conductivity. Reduces arcing, RFI, wear and reduces intermittent connections. Safe on plastics, non-ozone depleting. Temperature range: -34 to +200°C. No. 218CH029 ..................$23.95 The cost and cleaning power of nPB, without the safety concerns! Tri-VTM High Performance Solvents Cleaning solvent choices are being constrained by safety concerns, regulations, and cost. The powerful Tri-V cleaners offer a safer option for removing flux, oils, grease, dirt, and more. These cleaners are non-corrosive, non-flammable with no flash point, and are ideal for vapor-degreasing. Evaporates quickly with no residue, and stabilized for metals such as brass, aluminum, titanium, and magnesium. Can be used on energized equipment. No. 237CH614 12 oz. ........................$19.02 No. 237CH114 1 gallon ..................$186.75 No. 237CH843 5 gallon ..................$666.05 DeoxIT® Industrial Survival Kit Includes: DeoxIT, DeoxIT GOLD, and DeoxIT SHIELDmini-sprays, wipes, and squeeze tubes, lint-free accessories. No. 218CH130 ....$42.95 Electronics Cleaners 141 b FREE! Electro-Wash Cleaner Degreasers Electro-Wash® Cleaner Degreasers are engineered to clean a wide variety of soil, oil, grease, oxides and handling contamination from equipment to assemblies. Features CZ NXO PX Plastic Safety Yes No Yes Flammable No No Yes Cleaning Strength Regular Extra Extra Ozone Safe Yes Yes Yes HCFC-225 No No No Dries Fast Yes Yes Yes Greases Good Best Best Oils Better Best Best Ionic Soils Better Better Best Cleaning Methods: A = Aerosol · B = Benchtop System V = Vapor degreasing · U = Ultrasonics · C = Cold Immersion Aerosol Size 12 oz. 12 oz. 12.5 oz TT No. 237CH7100 237CH607 237OZ210 $59.09 $58.96 $25.27 PRICE Elecrto-Cleaner For light duty cleaning of electronic and electrical equipment, machinery and metal parts. Non-ozone depleting cleaner is noncorrosive and safe on plastics. Evaporates quickly leaving no residue. No. 758CH1620 10 oz. aerosol ............$8.62 Contact Cleaner A mild precision cleaner for light rinsing of electrical and electronic devices. Flushes contaminants and removes light grease, oils, dust, lint, some fingerprints and light coating of organic or inorganic contamination. Perfect for hard-to-reach places. Features: primary ingredient is alcohol, Ozone safe, fast evaporation rate, leaves no residues, flammable and safe on plastic. No. 758CH741 12 oz. aerosol ..............$10.51 58 · Phone: 800-832-4866 · Fax: 800-854-8665
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