Soldering/DesolderingWipes Find exactly the right wipe for every job. Wipers Type Line Features Size Quantity TT No. PRICE Vertex™ Polyester double-knit microdenier prevents scratching. Automated processing ensures cleanliness. 9" x 9" 2 inner bags of 75 wipers (150 wipers/total) 776PR090 $37.66 Critical environment wipers with AlphaWipe® Premium all-purpose polyester 9" x 9" Bulk pack of 2 inner bags of 75 wipers (150 wipers/total) 776CH091 $30.00 minimal fiber release MiracleWipe® Double-knit nylon great for use with 4" x 4" 600 wipers/bag; 8 bags/case (4800 wipers/total) 776CH4004 $944.08/ case alkaline cleaners. 9" x 9" 3 inner bags of 50 wipers (150 wipers/total) 776PR009 $86.70 Blended wipers General purpose wipe. 4" x 4" 1200/Bag 776UN604 $26.24 that combine the high TechniCloth® Lowest level of releasable ions 6" x 6" 600/Bag 776CH606 $26.24 sorption of cellulose and non-volatile contaminants. 9" x 9" 300/bag 776PR609 $17.63 with the cleanliness 12" x 12" 150/bag 776UN612 $18.00 and strength of polyester VersaWipe® Lighter weight wipe ideal for aqueous-spill cleanup and similar applications. 9" x 9" 300/bag 776CH629 $16.14 Soft-textured wipers ideal for cleaning and handling delicate Absorbond® Highly absorbent, non-abrasive, 4" x 4" 4 inner bags of 300 wipers (1200 wipers/total) 776UN404 $56.62 optical-grade components low-contamination hydroentangled polyester. 9" x 9" 300 wipers/bag; 10 bags/case (3000 wipers/total) 776CH409 $513.79/ case 4" x 4" 4 inner bags of 300 wipers (1200 wipers/total) 776UN018 $103.22 Soft, strong, Excellent for applications where ESD concerns or 6" x 6" 2 inner bags of 300 wipers (600 wipers/total) 776UN020 $98.64 static-dissipative cotton wipers TexWipe® high temperature prevent the use of synthetic wipers 9" x 9" 300 wipers/bag; 10 bags/case (3000 wipers/total) 776UN022 $550.26/ case 12" x 12" 150 wipers/bag; 10 bags/case (1500 wipers/total) 776UN312 $605.63/ case VersaWipe® 100% Polyester Knit Cleanroom Wipes Recycled Light Task Wipes TechniCloth® II Wipers Hydroentagled, non-woven Highly absorbent, with wipers fabricated from 55% excellent wiping efficiency cellulose and 45% polyester. and abrasion resistance. Combines the highly absorbent Sealed edges for ultra properties of natural fiber with the strength and purity and lint-free use. Cleanroom Class 10-100 cleanliness of a synthetic wiper. ULP (ultralow compatible. 12" x 12". 150 wipes/bag. particulate) treatment reduces particle generation, No. 758CH1212 ......$44.15 100% recycled wipe and box, biodegradable and sustainable. Ideal for light cleaning and dusting. Portable dispenser reduces lint and ideal for critical environments and cleanrooms. Solvent safe double-bagged packaging. 9" x 9"; 300 wipers/bag. Double-Knit Polyester cross contamination. No. 776CH1109..........................$25.87 Cleanroom Wipes 4.4" x 8.3" in 280 count pop-up box 12" x 12"; 150 wipers/bag. Double-knit fabric has super-No. 754CH2342 ....................$4.71 No. 776CH1212..........................$27.45 soft hand, ideal for surfaces 18" x 18"; 75 wipers/bag. prone to scratching. Captures No. 776CH1118..........................$27.67 more particles than traditional polyester wipes. Suitable for cleanrooms Class 10 and above. 9" x 9". 150 wipes/bag. No. 758CH914........$23.20 Biodegradable, Cotton Cleanroom Wipers Made of 100% continuous filament polyester fiber with UltraClean SmartWipers hydroentangled a knit construction and Premium White cotton highly pattern. Extremely low particle generation Knit Wipes absorbent wipe and soluble extractables. Excellent for cleaning Smooth knit, bright white with extra-low particulates and chemical glass and ceramic substrates, CDs, screens, aerospace grade T-shirt rags extractables. Recommended for ISO 14644-1 etc. because they won’t scratch. Unaffected by are ultra-soft, highly absorbent and low-linting. Class 5 or higher cleanroom. Ideal for stencil solvents. Widely used for applications where Variable sizes in 2 lb. bag. cleaning. 9" x 9"; double-bagged; 100/pk. lint-free cleaning is crucial. 9" x 9". 850/case. No. 758CH132 ........$10.14 No. 754CH2340 ..................................$28.48 No. 501AC031 ..............$158.00 Shop our web site • Find us on... 47
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