Facility Maintenance & Safety Multipurpose Pliers/Cutters Foam grips for added comfort and visibility. Standard & Heavy Duty Pliers & Cutters Made from 1060-carbon steel and meet ANSI requirements. Pliers A Multi-Tool Kit - 5 pc Includes: one each: 6-5/8" long chain nose w/side cutter; 6" heavy duty tapered head cutter; 7" groove joint pliers; 6" slip joint pliers; 6" adjustable wrench. Includes and zipper black case. No. 758PL9000 ..................................$95.18 Long Nose with Side Cutter TT No. A 758PL0016 Jaw Serrated OAL 6-5/8" PRICE $20.72 B N.E. Style Linemans' TT No. B 758PL214 Jaw Diamond-Serrated OAL 9" PRICE $25.38 Slip Joint C TT No. C 758PL031* 758PL207 *Made in Taiwan D Jaw Dual 758PL031* Position Jaw OAL 6" 6" PRICE $5.95 $11.41 Tongue & Groove TT No. D 758PL210 758PL211 Jaw 5-position 6-position OAL 7" 10" PRICE $13.64 $17.20 Long-Reach Electronics Pliers & Cutters Kit - 6 pc For reaching hard to grip areas. Meet or exceed ANSI and GSA specs. Kit Contains: diagonal oval head cutter, 5.6" OAL; chain nose pliers with cutter, 6.2" OAL; needle nose pliers, 7.2" OAL; flat nose pliers, 6.2" OAL; diagonal cutter, 5.6" OAL; 45° needle nose pliers bent, 6.9" OAL; plus handy carrying case. No. 758PL038 ..................................$115.54 Cutters E Heavy-Duty Diagonal Side TT No. E 758PL218 Cutting Cap. (AWG) 12 AWG OAL 8" PRICE $21.65 Easy cutting is assured by hand-honed, mated cutting edges. & Midget & Multipurpose Pliers & Cutters These multipurpose pliers and cutters feature forged alloy steel construction, and precision machining. Cleanly machined and perfectly aligned jaws grip tightly. Red plastic coated cushion grip for maximum leverage. Xcelite® Pliers Long Nose Plier w/Cutter TT No. 272PL051 Model No. 51NCGBK Head Size L Jaw Serrated OAL 6" PRICE $17.50 Crescent® Pliers Long Chain Nose Head Size Jaw L Serrated Needle Nose TT No. 272PL064 Head Model No. Size 57CG L Jaw OAL Serrated 5-11/16" PRICE $17.50 TT No. 272PL0336 Model No. 10336CVN OAL 6-5/8" PRICE $22.09 ® ® Locking Pliers A. Curved Jaw Locking Pliers with Wire Cutter TT No. Jaw Adjustment Jaw Thickness OAL PRICE A I Curved jaw puts tremendous pressure on 644WR040 15/16" 7/32" 4" $13.94 four points of any style nut or bolt head 644WR020 1-1/4" 1/4" 5" $9.96 I Ideal for tightening, clamping, twisting & turning 644WR030 1-5/8" 5/16" 7" $11.00 I Turn screw to adjust pressure and fit work. 644WR014 1-7/8" 7/16" 10" $17.79 Stays adjusted for repetitive use. B. Long Nose Locking Pliers with Wire Cutter I Constructed of high-grade heat-treated alloy steel for maximum toughness and durability TT No. Jaw Adjustment Jaw Thickness OAL PRICE I Guarded release trigger quickly unlocks and 644WR021 1-5/8" 1/8" 4" $17.26 protects from accidental release 644WR022 2-1/4" 5/32" 6" $16.78 644PL014 2-7/8" 3/16" 9" $13.49 I Hardened teeth designed to grip from any angle B 276 www.techni-tool.com · Phone: 800-832-4866 · Fax: 800-854-8665
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