Inspection Inspection Systems Zoom in for a closer look. System 250 Stereo Zoom Systems Features a sturdy, heavy-duty cast aluminum alloy housing that rotates 360° in its focus mount. Standard 10X wide field eyepieces have a zoom range from .65X to 4.5X, delivering a magnification range of 6.5X - 45X. Optional 0.5X supplementary lens changes magnification range from 3.25X to 22.5X and increases working distance from 3.5" to 6". Zoom control is by dual graduated knobs on the sides of the body. 26 in. (660 mm) stainless steel horizontal boom extension is the largest in the industry, and uses rack-and-pinion fine adjustment for the 2" extension. Optional 17W fluorescent ring. Specifications: · Optical Magnification: 6.5X - 45X · Optical Field of View: 31mm - 4.5mm · Working Distance: 95mm System 250 Binocular Systems TT No. 516IN714 516IN8712 516IN750 Base Style Single Arm Boom Single Arm Boom 0.5X Accessory Objective Lens Lighting Option None Fluorescent Ring PRICE $1,470.00 $1,690.00 $150.00 516IN8712 shown with Fluorescent Ring QUICK SHIPPING! 516IN714 and 516IN8712 both Drop Ship within 3 days! ARO Factory. For Lighting Options See Page 183! Ergonomic eyepiece adjusts from 0° - 30° to comfortably accommodate every user. VIP (Variable Inclination Position) Microscope No neck or muscle fatigue! Luxo's ESD-Safe Variable Inclination Position Microscope (VIP) features an extended magnification range and ergonomically designed eyepiece adjustment. A 0° ­ 30° adjustable angle of inclination allows for individualized adjustability so each technician can maintain a correct posture during use ­ neck straight, eyes forward. The 8X ­ 50X magnification range (4X ­ 25X with 0.5X lens, included) and variable inclination eyepieces combined with 22" dual boom ball-bearing stand, make it ideal for a diverse range of inspection applications and result in a microscope suited for the individual user. 23mm optics system with a 186mm working distance (with 0.5X lens). 0.8 ­ 5.0 zoom range. 57.5mm ­ 5.75mm field of view with 10X eyepiece and 0.5X lens. The body and stand are powder-coated with a metal-laced paint that measures 105/sq (static dissipative) making this microscope ESD-Safe and ideal for use in static-sensitive environments. LED-3000 ring light with 40 LED display and self-contained on/off dimming controls. System 273RB-DMLED ESD-safe VIP Microscope with LED-3000 Ring Light No. 516IN3880........................................$3,850.00 ESDESDSafe! Safe! 180 · Phone: 800-832-4866 · Fax: 800-854-8665
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