StaticControlMat&FloorCleaners Stay ESD-safe, maintain and clean all your surfaces. Conductive Mat and Table Top Cleaner Ideal non-abrasive cleaner for almost any surface. Leaves no film, is non-streaking and non-flammable. Effectively removes flux residue, oil, grease, nicotine, dirt and inorganic contaminants without damaging surface. Maintains surface resistivity of anti-static mats and contains no ammonia. 32 oz. spray bottle. No. 758ST6001 ..................$6.45 Work Station & Mat Cleaner A low-ionic, general-purpose work station cleaner that removes oil, dirt and grime. Unique formula is mildly cationic to neutralize static charge and is both biodegradable and odorless. No. 674CH160 16 oz. ..................$13.54 No. 674ST100 1 Quart ................$15.54 No. 674CH014 1 Gallon ..............$22.10 3M™ Static Control Surface Mark Remover 8001 Topical antistat maintains a consistent surface resistivity over extended periods. Extra strength removes dirt, grime, and difficult spots and stains. Surface resistivity: 1 x 1011 O/sq. Odorless. 1 Quart No. 780ST8001 ......$9.35 ESD Mat & Tabletop Cleaner Non-abrasive, non-streaking and non-flammable. Rejuvenates ESD mats and table tops. Use on table tops, anti-static mats and work stations. Surface resistivity: <1 x 10E10O/sq. No. 106CH001 1 Quart..........$7.00 No. 106CH6002 1 Gallon ......$22.75 ABNowinESD-SafeBottles! Staticide Topical Anti-Stat When properly applied, Staticide complies with or exceeds all electrostatic decay criteria established by NFPA and MIL B-81705. A. Heavy Duty – For Porous Surfaces No. 106ST205 ..........$18.40 B. General Purpose – For Hard Surfaces No. 106ST203 ..........$11.40 Zero Charge® Anti-Static Mat & Table Cleaner Neutral pH, general-use cleaner eliminates charge and leaves an anti-static agent that helps prevent static charge build-up. Use on table tops, anti-static mats and work stations. Surface resistivity: <1 x1010O/sq. 1 Quart No. 754CH733 ............$13.76 PlasT-N-GlaS® Static-Free Cleaner Removes electrostatic build-up, handling oils, finger soils and more. Controls static, cleans and polishes in one application. Compatible with plastics, glass and stainless steel. Surface resistivity: 1 x 109 O/sq. Non-flammable. No run or drip. 14 oz. aerosol. No. 237AE668..............$13.48 Zero Charge® Anti-Static Coating Fast drying, anti-static coating eliminates static charge and reduces triboelectric generation from flexible surfaces. Ideal for plastics, fabrics, and carpet. All-purpose static control. Nonflammable. Fast drying. Non- ozone depleting. No. 754CH7261 .......... $15.47 Statguard® Dissipative Neutral Floor Cleaner Specifically formulated with dissipative agents to rejuvenate and improve the static-dissipative properties of floors treated with Statguard floor finishes, as well as other dissipative or conductive floor tiles and polymer-type floor finishes. One gallon covers approximately 20,000 square feet. Dries in approximately 30-60 minutes. pH: 7.0 (as sup- plied in concentrate), 10% solids (as supplied in concentrate), surface resistivity 107 – 109 ohms per square, water soluble. Green. Floral fragrance. No. 211ST561 2.5 gallon box ................$116.81 No. 211ST566 5 gallon box ..................$215.22 Acrylic ESD Floor Finish High-tech static protection at an affordable price. Leaves a durable, glossy finish that can last up to twelve months, making it a popular choice for budget-minded companies with industrial operations where static control is essential. Perfect for production areas, warehousing, shipping, laboratories, and electronic repair facilities. Use on vinyl, linoleum, or ceramic tile. One gallon covers approximately 1500-2000 square feet. ¦ < 4% V.O.C. ¦ 20%± 5% solids ¦ Surface resistivity 108 – 109 ohms per square ¦ 6 -12 months strip cycle ¦ UL listed for slip resistance ¦ Meets ANSI/ESD S20.20 standards No. 106CH400 1 gallon container ............$59.13 No. 106CH005 5 gallon container ..........$265.00 Eco-Friendly ESD Floor Finish Designed for use in electronic, medical, and clean room manufacturing facilities, this environmentally safe floor finish eliminates the concern of using products with phosphates, alkylphenol ethoxylates, carcinogens, and ozone-depleting compounds and delivers a polish that is non-toxic to humans, ecologically sound, and ESD safe. Specially formulated to comply with US and international policies concerning V.O.C. and restricted chemicals, while still satisfying ANSI 20.20 ESDA guidelines. Use on vinyl, linoleum, or ceramic tile. One gallon covers approximately 1500-2000 square feet. ¦ < 1% V.O.C. when tested using California Consumer Product test method CARB 310 ¦ 20%± 5% solids ¦ Surface resistivity 108 – 109 ohms per square ¦ 12 -24 months strip cycle ¦ Meets ANSI/ESD S20.20 standards No. 106CH4300 1 gallon container ..........$86.13 No. 106CH4305 5 gallon container ........$399.38 4600 Staticide Ultra-ESD Floor Finish Economical, dries faster and with higher gloss than other ESD finishes. Superior abrasion performance that lasts up to 24 months without buffing. No. 106CH4600 1 gallon container..........$75.00 No. 106CH4605 5 gallon container........$358.20 82 • Phone: 800-832-4866 • Fax: 800-854-8665
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