Soldering/DesolderingBradyLabels Labels make for easy identification. PermaSleeve™ Wire Markers Non-adhesive, printable heat-shrink wire marker sleeves fit snugly around wires or cables for maximum insulation protection and permanent identification. Sleeves excel in extreme environments, including temperature fluctuations and environments that require abrasion and chemical resistance. Print on sleeves with Brady thermal transfer or dot matrix printer. Description TT No. Model Color Qty PRICE 207IE0942WT PS-094-2-WT White 2,500/Pk $1,188.43 .182"W x 2"H, 207IE0942YL PS-094-2-YL Yellow 2,500/Pk $1,188.43 Polyolefin, B-342 207IE0942BK PS-094-2-BK Black 2,500/Pk $1,188.43 207IE1252WT PS-125-2-WT White 2,500/Pk $1,315.55 2"W x .235"H, Polyolefin, B-342 207IE1252YL PS-125-2-YL Yellow 2,500/Pk $1,319.47 207IE1252BK PS-125-2-BK Black 2,500/Pk $1,319.47 207IE1872WT PS-187-2-WT White 2,500/Pk $1,722.67 2"W x .335"H, Polyolefin, B-342 207IE1872YL PS-187-2-YL Yellow 2,500/Pk $1,722.67 207IE1872BK PS-187-2-BK Black 2,500/Pk $1,722.67 2"W x .439"H, 207IE2502WT PS-250-2-WT White 2,500/Pk $2,266.99 Polyolefin, B-342 207IE2502BK PS-250-2-BK Black 2,500/Pk $2,266.99 207IE10002WT PS-1000-2-WT White 250/Pk $506.65 2"W x 1.66"H, Polyolefin, B-342 207IE10002YL PS-1000-2-YL Yellow 250/Pk $506.65 207IE10002BK PS-1000-2-BK Black 250/Pk $506.65 1.969"W x 1.5"H, 207IE15002WT 2HX-1500-2-WT White 100/Roll $646.24 Polyolefin, B-7642 207IE15002YL 2HX-1500-2-YL Yellow 100/Roll $646.24 2-sided Printable 207IE15002BK 2HX-1500-2-BK Black 100/Roll $646.24 Description TT No. Model Color Qty PRICE 2.0"W x 1.969"H, 207IE20002WT 2HX-2000-2-WT White 100/Roll $362.92 Polyolefin, B-7642 207IE20002YL 2HX-2000-2-YL Yellow 100/Roll $362.92 2-sided Printable 207IE20002BK 2HX-2000-2-BK Black 100/Roll $362.92 2"W x .182"H, Polyolefin, 207IE30942WT 3PS-094-2-WT White 2,500/Pk $1,188.43 2-sided Printable 207IE30942YL 3PS-094-2-YL Yellow 2,500/Pk $1,188.43 2"W x .235"H, Polyolefin, 207IE31252WT 3PS-125-2-WT White 2,500/Pk $1,319.47 2-sided Printable 207IE31252YL 3PS-125-2-YL Yellow 2,500/Pk $1,319.47 2"W x .335"H, Polyolefin, 207IE31872WT 3PS-187-2-WT White 2,500/Pk $1,722.67 2-sided Printable 207IE31872YL 3PS-187-2-YL Yellow 2,500/Pk $1,722.67 2"W x 0.439"H, Polyolefin, 207IE32502WT 3PS-250-2-WT White 2,500/Pk $2,266.99 2-sided Printable 207IE32502YL 3PS-250-2-YL Yellow 2,500/Pk $2,266.99 2"W x .645"H, Polyolefin, 207IE2573 3PS-375-2-WT White 1,000/Pk $1,188.43 2-sided Printable 207IE33752YL 3PS-375-2-YL Yellow 1,000/Pk $1,188.43 2"W x .851"H, Polyolefin, 207IE35002WT 3PS-500-2-WT White 500/Pk $723.79 2-sided Printable 207IE35002YL 3PS-500-2-YL Yellow 500/Pk $723.79 2"W x 1.250"H, Polyolefin, 207IE37502WT 3PS-750-2-WT White 250/Pk $413.59 2-sided Printable 207IE37502YL 3PS-750-2-YL Yellow 250/Pk $413.59 Thermal Transfer Labels Material 427 Wire and Cable Marking Durable, highly conformable vinyl wire markers with self-laminating legend protection. Ideal for discrete wire, multiconductor and ribbon cable applications. Resists heat, oil abrasion and smudges. Self extinguishing. White with clear overlaminate. Use with Brady TLS2200 & TLSPC printers and 409-778 ribbon. Thermal Transfer Labels Material 423 Circuit Board and Component ID White gloss polyester with permanent adhesive. For component, barcoding and board identification. Excellent solvent resistance. UL/CAS recognized. TTNo.ModelSizeInchesQuantityPRICE207IE1423PTL-1-423.25x.25750$33.59207IE2423PTL-2-4232.0x.25100$21.60207IE3243PTL-3-423.375x.375500$34.64207IE5423PTL-5-423.50x.20750$47.24207PR227PTL-6-423.50x.275750$49.34207PR229PTL-7-423.50x.50500$42.41207IE2348PTL-8-423Continuous-$59.84207IE9423PTL-9-423.65x.20750$52.49207IE423PTL-10-423.75x.25750$52.49207IE1442PTL-14-4231.00x.187750$60.89207VD164PTL-16-4231.00x.375500$51.44207IE7423PTL-17-4231.00x.50500$50.52207PR230PTL-19-4231.00x1.00250$35.69207PR232PTL-20-4232.00x1.00100$28.34207IE8423PTL-28-4231.50x.25750$69.99207IE9423PTL-29-4231.50x.50500$52.49 TT No. Model Size Inches Quantity PRICE 207IE1027 PTL-10-427 .25 x .75 750 $41.99 207IE8427 PTL-28-427 .25 x 1.50 750 $52.49 207IE427 PTL-11-427 .50 x .75 500 $45.14 207IE7247 PTL-17-427 .50 x 1.00 500 $48.29 207IE2927 PTL-29-427 .50 x 1.50 500 $58.79 207PR240 PTL-18-427 .75 x 1.00 250 $39.89 207IE042 PTL-30-427 .75 x 1.50 250 $44.09 207PR239 PTL-19-427 1.00 x 1.00 250 $44.09 207PR238 PTL-31-427 1.00 x 1.50 250 $54.65 207PR235 PTL-21-427 1.00 x 2.50 100 $33.59 207PR236 PTL-23-427 1.00 x 4.00 100 $39.89 207PR033 PTL-33-427 1.50 x 4.00 100 $52.49 Shop our web site • Find us on... 77
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