Soldering/DesolderingLoctiteAdhesives Medical Device Adhesives ¤ Designed to meet toxicity testing and sterilization resistance requirements of medical device assembly. KeyViscosityTempRangeCureProductBenefitSubstratesColor(cP)(F°)TypeContainerTTNo.PRICEPrism™SurfaceThermoplastic,thermosetClear100-65toHumidity20gbottle512CH682$31.964011insensitiveplastic,metal,elastomer,180° includingrubberPrism™SurfaceThermoplastic,thermosetClear20-65toHumidity20gbottle512CH686$32.504061insensitiveplastic,metal,elastomer,180° includingrubberCyanoacrylatesViscosityTempShearCureProductBenefitKeySubstratesColor(cP)RangeStrengthTypeContainerTTNo.PRICEToughenedFasttack-freeElastomers,rubbers,Transparent,150-65toHumidity1oz512CH4310$67.75Flashcure®4310curingplastics,metalsfaintgreen180°FbottleToughenedFasttack-freeElastomers,rubbers,Transparent,700-65toHumidity1oz512CH4311$66.91Flashcure®4311curingplastics,metalsfaintgreen180°Fbottle3525Flexible,moistureGlass,metalClear/15000-65to1480psiUltraviolet,25ml512CH220$38.85resistantthermosetpalestraw/300°Fvisiblesyringeplasticfluorescent3971Metal,thermoplastic,Fluorescent320-65toUltraviolet,25ml512CH6792$48.12polyvinylchloride,300°FvisiblesyringepolyurethaneAcrylicAcrylicUV/visiblew/fluor- escenceLightcureCyano- acrylatesNeedThreadlockers? SeePage67¤ ¤ Light Cure Adhesives Single-component, solvent-free adhesives cure in seconds when exposed to UV/visible light. For bonding, encapsulating, coating, tacking and sealing applications. Chipbonder® Surface Mount Adhesives Meets all SMA process requirements. Features: dot deposition without stringing and maintains consistent dot shape, high wet strength, flexible curing properties ideal for temperature- sensitive components, prevents chip loss even during wave soldering. Electrical and mechanical properties including high surface insulation resistance and low ionic content to avoid electrolytic corrosion. Product No. 3621 3621 3616 3609 TT No. 512CH846 512CH847 512CH848 512CH236 Features Very high dispense speed; High dot profile Metal stencil printing; Extremely low moisture uptake and long on stencil life. For high speed dispensers; High dot profile Color Red Red Dark red Wet Strength High Very High Very High Cure Temp. Range 100-150°C 100-150°C 100-150°C Shear Strength 2,175 2,175 1,450 Cartridge Size 10ml EFD syringe 30ml EFD syringe 300ml EFD syringe 10ml syringe PRICE $44.27 $83.03 $278.65 $44.56 ¤ Precision repeatable dispensing of cyanoacrylate adhesives with fingertip control. Now you can place each and every adhesive drop exactly where required, improving quality while eliminating waste. 6 different pre-set shot size settings that can be changed by a simple stroke adjustment mechanism. No pneumatics, battery, or electrical power required. Includes: 6-pc. sample needle kit. ¦ Dispenses cyanoacrylates from 20 gram or 1 ounce bottles ¦ Easy pull trigger and priming design ¦ Lightweight, ergonomic design minimizes hand fatigue ¦ Adjustable range of 0.009 to 0.002 grams of adhesive Cyanoacrylate Volumetric Hand Pump No. 512CH6477..................................................$237.24 A SpotCure Systems Ultra High Intensity LED Curing Systems Standalone, high-output B UV curing light specifically matched to Loctite® 4305 and 4304 UV adhesive for tack-free spot curing in as little as 5 seconds. Benchtop Model Designed for use like a soldering station. Simply pick up probe to activate. UV LED emitter will continue to operate for the preselected time period or until it is returned to the holder. External switch mode allows foot control or other equipment control devices. A. No. 103CH365 SpotCure-B6 with 365nm LED Emitter ......$990.00 Battery-Powered Model Li-ion battery-powered for portability. One-handed trigger activation. UV LED emitter will operate for the preselected time period or until the trigger switch is depressed again. Base/charger displays charging progress. B. No. 103CH665 SpotCure-G with 365nm LED Emitter......$1,027.87 Shop our web site • Find us on... 69
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