Konform®ConformalCoatingsProtectyourboardsinthemostdemandingenvironments! Checkoutpages183,190and191forallyourUVinspectionneeds!Konform®ConformalCoatingsProtectyourboardsinthemostdemandingenvironments! Checkoutpages183,190and191forallyourUVinspectionneeds! Soldering/DesolderingConformalCoatings New Konform® conformal coatings protect PCBs, components and flex circuitry from a variety of damaging conditions. These coatings provide superior electrical insulation and can withstand extreme hot and cold environments, as well as electronic circuit-generated heat. Tough, transparent coatings won’t chip, crack, or break off. All Konform coatings contain a UV Tracer for easy quality assurance, and come ready to use. RoHS-compliant. Flexcoat – Flexible, silicone-free coating engineered for exceptional vibrational protection. Extremely fast drying. Ultra – Super-fast drying acrylic coating for superior insulation against high-voltage arcing. Easily repairable, excellent acid resistance. UR-A – Durable, water-based urethane coating minimizes odor and VOC exposure, provides outstanding barrier and moisture protection. Abrasion, solvent and acid resistant. HR – Water-based acrylic/urethane coating provides the flexible toughness of urethane with the advanced insulation protection of acrylic. Minimal VOC exposure and dielectric, acid and abrasion resistant. Resistance Flexcoat Ultra UR-A HR Temperature Good Better Good Good Abrasion Good Better Best Best Acid Better Best Best Better Solvent Better Good Best Better Humidity Best Best Best Best Coating Characteristics System Solvent Solvent Water-based Water-based Flexibility Best Fair Good Fair Solderability Good Good Good Good Repairability Fair Good Fair Good Dielectric Breakdown 2550 8300 3340 7100 Working Temperature -31° F – 212° F (-35° C -100° C) -75° F – 270° F (-59° C -132° C) -85° F – 257° F (-65° C -125° C) -31° F – 212° F (-35° C -100° C) Product Characteristics Aerosol 13.5 sq. ft 20.2 sq. ft n/a n/a Liquid 144 sq. ft 254 sq. ft 577 sq. ft 577 sq. ft Tack Free Time 20 min. 10 min. 1 hr. 1 hr. Full Cure Time 24 hrs @ RT n/a n/a n/a Aerosol Size: 11.5 oz PRICE 237CH115 $13.74 n/a n/a n/a 1 Gallon Size PRICE 237CH173 $145.43 237CH165 $127.47 237CH337 $130.21 237CH737 $123.88 5 Gallon Size PRICE 237CH518 $369.66 237CH550 $413.77 237CH585 $540.01 237CH787 $512.71 Fine-L-Kote LED Silicone Conformal Coating Specifically formulated for light emitting diode applications, where a completely transparent silicone coating is needed to provide a tough, protective coating. Provides maximum flexibility for extreme temperatures and minimizes thermal stress. Coating is transparent to visible wavelengths, won’t change or block light intensity or wavelength. Cured coatings are hydrolytically stable and moisture, corrosion, fungus, and salt resistant. Room temperature cure. RoHS and IPC-CC-830A compliant, meets MIL-I-46058C SR parameters. No. 754CH2120 1 Pint ........................$91.28 No. 754CH2121 1 Gallon ..................$496.95 No. 754CH2125 5 Gallons..............$2,215.90 Wethinkyou’lllikewhatwebringtotheparty. LetTechni-Tooltaketheworkandworryoutofsupplyingyourtechsinthefield.Wecanprocure,storeandtrackpreciselytheproductstheyneed,anddeliverthemwhereandwhenthey’reneeded.Packagedhoweveryouprefer,fromasimpleboxtoacustom-designedtoolkit.Andwithawiderangeofreportingoptionsandreal-timeinventoryvisibility,you’llalwaysknowwhat’swhat—withoutallthehands-onhassles—leavingyoufreetofocusonyourrealpriorities. Flexible.Efficient.Secure.Affordable. Tofindoutmore,contactyoursalesrepresentativetoday! Prices in this catalog are effective January 1, 2018. While we attempt to hold prices, we cannot control when our vendors increase prices. We reserve the right to correct misprints. Shop our web site www.techni-tool.com • Find us on... 65
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