Soldering/DesolderingFluxRemovers Get rid of flux residue on boards and assemblies. Flux Removers Removes no-clean and rosin-based residues off of printed circuit boards in electronic repair and production. E-Line – Very strong cleaner, economical but flammable. 22°F flashpoint. G3 – Very strong cleaner, most economical non-flammable. ECO-dFluxerTMSMT100In-LineDefluxerisnowavailableforbulk purchase Askyoursalesrep.howtospecthisproductintoyourprocess. Features 1621 E-Line 1631 G3 1634 G3 -No Clean Cleaning Strength Best Best Best Plastic Safe Best Better Better Ozone Safe Yes Yes Yes VOC (EPA) 75%wt 60%wt 60%wt Toxicity (TLV) 200 ppm 200 ppm 200 ppm Residue-Free Yes Yes Yes Residues Cleaned: Rosin Based Best Best Better No-Clean Better Better Best Cleaning Methods: Vapor Degreasing No No No Ultrasonics No No No Size TT No. PRICE 10 oz. Aerosol 754CH621 $16.38 16 oz. Aerosol 754CH1631 $30.19 12 oz. Aerosol 754CH634 $28.43 Flux Off Critical to insure reliable circuitry. The type of flux to be removed, solvent compatibility and ease of application are all factors to consider when choosing a flux remover. Flux removers are available in aerosol BrushCleanTM System and liquid form for vapor degreaser, spray systems, ultrasonics, and dip tank applications. ¦ Post-solder operations ¦ PC boards and sensitive circuit components ¦ Component leads ¦ SMD pads ¦ Ship carriers ¦ Plugs, sockets and heat sinks ¦ Through-hole and SMT devices ¦ Screens and stencils ¦ Work areas *R, RMA, RA, No-Clean Precision-V No-Clean Flux Remover Innovative cleaning technology that works on the toughest fluxes and rosins, without leaving any dreaded white residue behind! This proprietary blend of solvents removes no-clean fluxes, rosins, and even aqueous OA fluxes. The rapidly evaporating, non-flammable, non-ozone depleting formula is an ideal replacement for AK225-based cleaners. Safe on most plastics. No. 754CH1649 12 oz. aerosol ........$29.64 Power Up! PWR4 Flux Remover Innovative solvent cleaners are ideal with a safer, non- flammable, and cost effective cleaner is required. Quickly remove oils, greases, fluxes, dirt, and grime and replaces some of the most common industrial solvents: TCE, nPB, Perc and Methylene Chloride. Available in aerosol or bulk for vapor-degreasing, ultrasonic, and immersion cleaning. No. 754CH3401 1 gallon ........................$207.80 No. 754CH3405 5 gallon (Not Shown)....$715.09 Flux-Off® Delta Flux Remover Powerful new precision solvent cleaners ideal for replacing AK225 – change is good! Powerful, non-flammable solvent removes heavily encrusted and oxidized flux deposits. Quickly penetrates residue to remove all types of flux, including R, RA, RMA, and synthetics, as well as dust, oil, and contaminants. Non-corrosive, non-ozone depleting cleaner evaporates quickly – leaving no residue. Low VOC and GWP, safe for metals. No. 237CH893 BrushClean™ System, 6 oz. ..$17.03 No. 237CH894 12 oz. aerosol ......................$24.76 No. 237CH898 1 gallon..............................$400.06 No. 237CH899 5 gallon ..........................$1,654.90 Flux-Off® Tri-V™ Flux Remover Cleaning solvent choices are being constrained by safety concerns, regulations, and cost. The powerful Tri-V cleaners offer a safer option for removing flux, oils, grease, dirt, and more. These cleaners are non- corrosive, non-flammable with no flash point, and are ideal for vapor-degreasing. Evaporates quickly with no residue, and stabilized for metals such as brass, aluminum, titanium, and magnesium. Can be used on energized equipment. No. 237CH670 1 gallon ........................$217.91 No. 237CH595 5 gallon (Not Shown)....$727.70 Features CZ Lead-Free Rosin No-CleanPlus Heavy Duty Plastic Safety Yes No Yes No No Flammable No Yes Yes Yes No Ozone Safe Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes HCFC-225 No No No No No Dries Fast Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Residue Cleaned Rosin Based* Best Best Best Best Best No-Clean Good Good Good Best Best Water Soluble No Good Good Good Good Remove White Residue No No No Yes Yes Cleaning Methods Aerosol Spray Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes BrushCleanTM System Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Hand Cleaning Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Vapor Degreasing Yes No No No Yes Ultrasonics Yes No No No Yes Immersion Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes In-Line System No No No No No Benchtop System Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Rinsing Recommended No No No No No Size (Aerosol) TT No. PRICE 12 oz. 237CH7200 $66.79 12 oz. 237CH697 $22.43 10 oz. 237OZ035 $23.19 12 oz. 237CH1696 $21.79 12 oz. 237CH1631 $57.35 Size (Liquid) TT No. PRICE – – – Gallon 237CH197 $98.01 Gallon 237OZ135 $87.22 Gallon 237CH131 $111.56 Gallon 237CH132 $777.18 BRUSHCLEANTM SYSTEM Size (BrushClean) TT No. PRICE 5 oz. 237CH7208 $32.74 6 oz. 237CH897 $16.12 5 oz. 237CH835 $13.65 – – – – – – Size (BrushClean) TT No. PRICE – – – – – – 10 oz. 237CH5301 $23.71 – – – – – – Shop our web site • Find us on... 63
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