Soldering/DesolderingSolderWire&Bar Flux-cored wire solders combine the latest in tin/lead & Pb-free flux technology. Cored with a high-reliability flux, they provide excellent solder spread and wetting speed, in a full range of activity levels. ¦ Exceptional heat stability ¦ Compatible with tin/lead, pb-free, and high lead-containing alloys ¦ Low smoking ¦ RoHS-compliant ¦ Virtually void-free ¦ Pleasant honey cream scent CW-201 RA Cored Wire Solder Highly reliable, compatible with pb-free and Sn/Pb materials. Provides excellent solder spread with minimal smoking, spatter and odor. Fast wetting speed minimizes rework cycle time. CW-301 Water-Soluble Cored Wire Solder Same features as CW-201, plus cleans easily with cold water. TT No. Alloy Diameter Size PRICE 881SO311 Sn63 Pb37 .020" 1 lb. spool $32.11 881SO312 Sn63 Pb37 .032" 1 lb. spool $19.55 881SO313 SAC305 .020" 1 lb. spool $47.37 881SO314 SAC305 .032" 1 lb. spool $34.71 881SO315 Sn995 .020" 1 lb. spool $41.51 881SO316 Sn995 .032" 1 lb. spool $30.40 Ultra-Clear 807 Flux-Cored Wire Same features as CW-201, but made with ultra-clear modified rosins. Contains no brominated fire retardants or REACH substances of very high concern. Contains a small amount of halogen but meets IPC J-709 requirements for halogen-free assembly. TT No. Alloy Diameter Size PRICE 881SO211 Sn63 Pb37 .020" 1 lb. spool $59.36 881SO212 Sn63 Pb37 .032" 1 lb. spool $46.54 881SO213 SAC305 .020" 1 lb. spool $49.26 881SO214 SAC305 .032" 1 lb. spool $61.69 881SO215 Sn995 .020" 1 lb. spool $65.37 881SO216 Sn995 .032" 1 lb. spool $50.93 TT No. Alloy Diameter Size PRICE 881SO871 Sn63 Pb37 .020" 1 lb. spool $31.71 881SO872 Sn63 Pb37 .032" 1 lb. spool $18.63 881SO873 SAC305 .020" 1 lb. spool $47.37 881SO874 SAC305 .032" 1 lb. spool $34.45 881SO876 Sn995 .020" 1 lb. spool $38.30 881SO877 Sn995 .032" 1 lb. spool $24.56 Indium pricing changes frequently due to fluctuation in the metals market. Please call for the latest prices. Put an end to solder starvation. Solder Fortification™ Preforms are the solution for unreliable solder joints caused by product miniaturization and pin-in-paste applications. Rectangle-shaped pieces of solder are added to a solder paste print using standard pick-and-place equipment. Preform alloy and solder paste alloy are the same, so they both reflow at the same time and temperature. Solder paste supplies the flux and preform increases solder volume. You get consistent, repeatable, and robust solder joints, using existing equipment, with little or no additional cycle time. All reels 13" diameter/15,000 parts per reel. Standard sizes and alloys listed below. Call for other sizes, alloys, and multi-reel discounts. TT. No. Size Dimensions Volume Alloy PRICE per Reel 881SO018 0402 .020" x .040" x .019" .25 cubic mm SAC305 Call 881SO019 0402 .020 x .040 x .019 .25 cubic mm Sn63 Pb37 Call 881SO030 0603 .030 x .060 x .031 1 cubic mm SAC305 Call 881SO031 0603 .030 x .060 x .031 1 cubic mm Sn63 Pb37 Call * 0402 will add about 0.002 grams of solder per joint, depending on the alloy; ** 0603 will add about 0.007 grams of solder per joint, depending on the alloy.•Finduson... Mostcommonlead-freebar. SAC305(96.5Sn/3Ag/0.5Cu). No.881SO305............CallLow-costlead-freebar.Sn995(99.5Sn/0.5Cu+Co). No.881SO995..........CallStandardtin/leadbar. 63Sn/37Pb. No.881SO337............CallIndiumBarSolderSoldin25lb.boxeswhichcontain15bars. Pricingchangesfrequentlyduetofluctuationinthemetalsmarket. Pleasecallforthelatestprices. Lead-FreeThetin/silver/copperfamilyofalloyshasbeenselectedastheprimaryalloychoicebymanycompaniesthathaveconvertedtolead-freeassemblyprocesses. ThisfamilyofalloysissuitableforSMT,waveandhandsolderingprocesses. Ultrapure®K100LDDevelopedasalowcostandlowcopperdissolutionalternativetocommonlead-freealloys.Eutectictin/copperalloythatcontrolsthegrainstructureofthesolderjoint. Ultrapure® Manufacturedbyaspecialprocessthatcontrolstheinclusionofoxides, metallicandnon-metallicimpurities.Idealforhigh-techelectronicapplicationswherelowersurfacetensionandholefillingabilityareessential.ExceedsQQ-S-571-F,ASTMB32andIPC/J-STD-006. Ultra-LowDrossManufacturedwiththeUltrapure®process.Formulatedwithaspeciallow-drossadditivethatdramaticallyreducesdrossformationonthesolderpot. Thebestbarsolders...barnone! LeadandLead-FreeBarSolderTTNo.AlloyBarStyleUnitofMeasurePRICELead-FreeBarSolder488SO468Sn96.5Ag3Cu0.5Lead-Free25lb.Box(15bars)Call488SO478Sn96.5Ag3Cu0.5Lead-FreeEach1-2/3lb.barCall488SO525K100LDUltrapureLead-Free25lb.Box(15bars)Call488SO521K100LDUltrapureLead-FreeEach1-2/3lb.barCallLead-BearingBarSolder488SO062Sn62Pb35Ag02Standard25lb.Box(15bars)Call488SO050Sn63Pb37Ultrapure25lb.Box(15bars)Call488SO500Sn63Pb37UltrapureEach1-2/3lb.barCall488SO046Sn60Pb40Ultrapure25lb.Box(15bars)Call488SO460Sn60Pb40UltrapureEach1-2/3lb.barCall488SO030Sn63Pb37UltraLowDross25lb.Box(15bars)Call488SO980Sn63Pb37UltraLowDrossEach1-2/3lb.barCall
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