Soldering/DesolderingSolderPaste Dispensing Syringes Solder Paste for Syringe Dispensing Applications Formula Type R276 No-Clean R500 Water-Soluble Alloy Sn63Pb37 Sn63Pb37 Product Characteristics Provides optimal performance in all types of dispensing applications. Packaged void-free to ensure consistent The activator package in this formula is aggressive enough to remove tenacious oxide layers or solder dispensing in high-speed automated processes. Exhibits excellent dispensing to OSP coated boards. R500 delivers excellent wetting characteristics. characteristics with a wide range of needle diameters. Residue Not normally Use de-ionized or soft tap Removal required. water at 120-140°F. Expected Tack Life 8+ hours 8+ hours Package 35g Syringe 35g Syringe TT No. 488SO540 488SO5603 PRICE $16.75 $18.88 RF550 Rework Flux High-reliability, zero-halogen, no-clean rework flux with a gel-like consistency, and packaged in 30g syringes for easy dispensing. Ideal for QFP or BGA semi- automated rework applications and through-hole repair. RoHS compliant. No. 488SO550........................$19.68 Rosin Soldering Flux Recommended for electrical and electronic soldering applications, this mildly-activated rosin flux is considerably more active than water-white rosin. Nonflammable and noncorrosive, it has the thermal stability to enable excellent wetting and reduced carbonization at soldering temperatures. Meets DOD-STD-2000 and IPC-J-004 standard for type ROL0, the lowest residue corrosivity category. No. 218CH808 8g syringe..........$7.51 No. 218CH126 56g jar ..............$8.95 No-Clean Formula Excellent for PCB repair and rework, this rosin paste flux can be safely left on circuit boards after reflow without cleaning. Requires no refrigeration. Halide-and halogen-free. Made in USA. No. 218CH393 8g syringe ......$8.59 No. 218CH392 56g jar ..........$10.76 Callforthelatestpricing! Indium3.2 Pb-Free Water-Soluble Solder Paste An air or nitrogen reflow, water-soluble solder paste specifically formulated to accommodate the higher processing temperatures required by Sn/Ag/Cu, Sn/Ag and Sn/Sb Pb-Free alloy systems. Consistent fine-pitch printing performance, wide reflow profile window, excellent response-to-pause printing performance. TT No. Alloy Metal Powder Size Packaging PRICE 881SO321 SAC305 88.5% Type 3 500g jar $80.85 881SO322 SAC305 88.5% Type 3 600g cartridge $97.02 Indium6.3 Water-Soluble Solder Paste Excellent wetting, solder joint appearance, printing and response to pause. Wide reflow profile window and good slump resistance. Low voiding, halogen-free. TT No. Alloy Metal Powder Size Packaging PRICE 881SO631 Sn63 Pb37 89.5% Type 3 500g jar $64.68 881SO637 Sn63 Pb37 89.5% Type 3 700g cartridge $93.27 Indium8.9HF1 Pb-Free Solder Paste Air reflow, no-clean solder paste that’s halogen-free per EN14582 test method. High transfer efficiency through small apertures. Eliminates hot and cold slump. High oxidation resistance. Wets well to oxidized BGA and pad surfaces. High probe testability which minimizes false failures in ICT. TT No. Alloy Metal Powder Size Packaging PRICE 881SO893 SAC305 88.5% Type 3 500g jar $80.85 881SO894 SAC305 88.5% Type 3 600g cartridge $97.02 Indium 10.1 Pb-Free Solder Paste Air or nitrogen reflow, no-clean solder paste specifically formulated to accommodate the higher processing temperatures required by SnAgCu and other Pb-free alloy systems. Exceptional stencil print transfer efficiency to work in the broadest range of processes. High oxidation resistance virtually eliminates incom- plete coalescence (graping) of small deposits and head-in-pillow defect. TT. No. Alloy Metal Powder Size Packaging PRICE 881SO165 SAC305 88.5% Type 4 500g jar $69.30 881SO168 SAC305 88.5% Type 4 600g cartridge $83.16 NC-SMQ®92J Solder Paste Halide-free, air reflow, no-clean solder paste formulated to leave a benign, easily-penetrated residue that won’t clog multi-point probes. Ideal for high- speed surface mount lines utilizing fast print speeds and rapid chip place- ment. Consistent fine-pitch paste deposition, unsurpassed stencil life and tack time, excellent wetting. TT No. Alloy Metal Powder Size Packaging PRICE 881SO319 Sn63 Pb37 90% Type 3 500g jar $56.98 881SO320 Sn63 Pb37 90% Type 3 700g cartridge $79.77 Don’t forget your MRO supplies! Contact one of our dedicated representatives to find out exactly how we can save you time, money and space! CALL TODAY 800-832-4866 Shop our web site • Find us on... 51
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