Soldering/DesolderingKesterSolderPaste Your one-stop source for Kester solder paste. 500gJar Solder Paste From wire and bar to paste and fluxes, no one offers more quality Kester products than Techni-Tool. Call today and let us tailor the right solution for your solder needs. 600g Cartridge Solder Paste for Stencil Printing Applications Easy Profile® 256HA Easy Profile® 256 . HydroMark 531 R562 Formula Type No-Clean No-Clean Water-Soluble Water-Soluble Alloy Sn63Pb37 Sn63Pb37 Sn63Pb37 Sn63Pb37 Product Characteristics Designed to provide maximum print characteristics and solderability. For applications requiring the ultimate activity for difficult-to-solder components and board surface metallizations. High activity on all substrates, including OSPs. Excellent printing characteristics to 0.4mm (16 mil) pitch. High print speeds to 150 mm/sec (6"/sec). Standard no-clean paste for a wide variety of reflow profiles and printing conditions. Industry standard formula performs well in a variety of applications. Compatible with enclosed print head systems. An all-purpose, water-soluble paste. Provides consistent hours of stable stencil life, tack time, and printing characteristics. The improved anti-slump characteristics and excellent solderability to a wide range of surface and component lead metallizations solves problems caused by slumping, bridging, and wetting. Organic acid, water-soluble solder paste designed to resist drying out in low humidity or slumping in high humidity. Maintains its print characteristics, tack and activity. Residue Removal Not normally Not normally Use de-ionized or soft Use de-ionized or soft required. required. tap water at 120-140°F. tap water at 120-140°F. Expected Tack Life 8+ hours 8+ hours 8+ hours 8+ hours Package 500g Jar 600g Cartridge 500g Jar 600g Cartridge 500g Jar 600g Cartridge 500g Jar 600g Cartridge TT No. 488SO2566 488SO2567 488SO256 488SO813 488SO905 488SO935 488SO9057 488SO3157 PRICE $66.40 $79.68 $66.40 $79.68 $66.40 $79.68 $71.20 $85.44 Lead-Free Solder Paste for Stencil Printing Applications Formula Type NXG1 No-Clean EnviroMarkTM 907 No-Clean EnviroMark™ 828 Water Soluble Alloy Sn96.5Ag3.0Cu0.5 Sn96.5Ag3.0Cu0.5 Sn96.5Ag3.0Cu0.5 Product Characteristics Lead-free, air and nitrogen reflowable no-clean solder paste specifically designed for the thermal requirements of lead-free alloys. Unmatched 8 month shelf life, excellent printability, ultra-low BGA voiding, reduced ball-in-socket defects. Air and nitrogen reflowable no-clean solder paste specifically designed for the thermal requirements of lead-free alloys. Paste flux allows joint appearances that closely resemble that achieved with leaded alloys. High print speeds up to 6"/s (150 mm/s). Excellent printing characteristics to 16 and 20 mils pitch. Excellent print and reflow for 0201 applications. Water-soluble solder paste formulated to reduce voiding and provides excellent wetting and ease-of-cleaning. Extremely stable in the stencil printing process regardless of print speed, idle time and throughput. Excellent wetting on a variety of metallizations. Print speed up to 6"/sec (150 mm/sec). Capable of breaks in printing of up to 60 minutes without any kneading. Residue Removal Not normally required Not normally required Hot DI water Expected Tack Life Long stencil/tack life (process dependent) 12 hours 8 hours Package TT No. PRICE 500g jar 488SO791 $90.40 500g Jar 488SO3309 $90.40 500g Jar 488SO3208 $99.20 Lead-Free, Zero-Halogen Solder Paste for Stencil Printing Formula Type NP545 No-Clean Alloy Sn96.5Ag3Cu0.5 Characteristics Zero-halogen, lead-free, no-clean solder paste formula designed for repeatability and consistency. Delivers paste transfer efficiencies of 0.55 to 0.5AR, and is fully capable of printing and reflowing 01005 components, even in air reflow, with minimal graping. Refrigerated shelf life up to 1 year. Low QFN/BGA voiding. Compatible with multiple conformal coatings. Has excellent cosmetics and clear residue. Powder Mesh Type T3 = 88.5% metal T4 = 88.3% metal Reside Removal Not normally required Shelf life Unrefrigerated: up to 6 months; Refrigerated: Up to 1 year Package TT No. PRICE 500g Jar 488SO455 $84.03 600g Jar 488SO456 $102.84 500g Jar 488SO457 $85.70 600g Jar 488SO458 $99.84 Due to the volatility of the paste market please call for the latest pricing! 50 • Phone: 800-832-4866 • Fax: 800-854-8665
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