FurnitureWorkstationsConcept(ShownwithOptionalAdd-Ons) FORMERLYLightingSystemsshownonpage350FORMERLYLightingSystemsshownonpage350 Workstations ¦ ESD powder-coated paint comes standard on all Concept and Cornerstone ¦ Power strips double as bin rails for easy storage ¦ Light rails come standard with a tool trolley ¦ Height-adjustable stations are available in either motorized or hand-crank models Concept™ worktables are designed for the needs of the high-tech, electronics, and laboratory business sectors, where ergonomic qualities are an important requirement. All workstation components fit together seamlessly and offer infinite adjustments. Modular design provides total integration with existing systems and future needs. The workstation adapts to the work process and needs of the user. As a result, all user movements can be optimized, which in turn increases performance and productivity and decreases work-related stress. Concept worktables are ideal for assembly work, quality control, research and repair. Height adjustments are stepless from 26.38" to 44.09" and available in manual, motorized, and hand-crank versions. All frames can be equipped with casters to create mobile workstation solutions. 1,100 lbs. capacity. CONCEPT WORKSTATIONS TT No. Model Laminate Size PRICE 429BE3016 Concept STD 30" x 60" $1,141.84 429BE3014 Concept STD 30" x 72" $1,026.03 429BE0133 Concept ESD 30" x 60" $1,141.84 429BE3017 Concept ESD 30" x 72" $1,219.98 429BE0139 2 x M30 upright system 60" x 51.8" $189.01 429BE0125 2 x M36 upright system 72" x 51.8" $313.17 429BE006 M30 steel shelf 29.13" x 11.81" $47.55 429BE019 M30 steel shelf 29.13" x 15.75" $55.35 429BE058 M36 steel shelf 35.03" x 11.81" $49.50 429BE076 M36 steel shelf 35.03" x 15.75" $60.52 429BE3045 M30 6 outlet power strip 30" $149.33 429BE9149 M36 6 outlet power strip 36" $145.61 429BE007 M30 suspension/bin rail 29.21" x 2.13" $20.21 429BE143 M36 suspension/bin rail 35.23" x 2.13 $23.82 FORMERLY Cornerstone® Standard Worktables Cornerstone® worktables are standard tables that are suitable for a broad range of tasks, including but not limited to: testing, packing, repairing and inspecting. The Cornerstone table is guaranteed for regular use with weights up to 1,500 lbs, and features a gray lami- nate worksurface with postformed front edges. Height adjustments are stepless from 25.84" to 35.68", making them ideal for either sitting or standing. Compatible with Concept accessories. Cornerstone® Worktable CORNERSTONE® WORKSTATIONS TT No. Laminate Size PRICE 429BE1130 STD 30" x 48" $632.04 429BE1131 STD 30" x 60" $664.60 429BE1132 STD 30" x 72" $701.96 LOWER SHELVES FOR CORNERSTONE® WORKSTATIONS TT No. Laminate Size W x D PRICE 429BE4976 STD 45.94” x 11.81” $172.55 429BE4979 STD 45.94” x 15.74” $203.22 429BE4977 STD 57.75” x 11.81” $195.10 429BE4980 STD 57.75” x 15.74” $237.35 429BE4978 STD 69.80” x 11.81” $227.81 429BE4981 STD 69.80” x 15.74” $264.56 Shop our web site • Find us on... 343
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