FurnitureChairs 190BE3000S190BE3200S 190BE3350S FrontViewBackViewSideView Go ahead, put yourself on a pedestal! Where Quality Meets Comfort ErgoLux Stools Get the ultimate in comfort and durability with new ErgoLux backless stools. This soft, high-density visco-elastic memory foam stool responds to your body’s unique shape and temperature, providing stress relief and long-lasting ergonomic support. The easy-to-clean, textured seat is 14-1/2" in diameter and made of soft, extra-thick foam covered by polyurethane for superior water, stain, and puncture resistance. Features easy pneumatic height adjustment, 360° swivel, and dual-wheel hard floor casters. Supports up to 300 lbs. Meets ANSI/BIFMA standards. Twelve-Year Warranty. Height Adj. Base Style TT No. Model PRICE 18" -22.5" 5-Star Black Nylon 190BE3000S S3000 $185.12 17" -22.5" 5-Star Polished Aluminum 190BE3050S S3050 $222.56 20.5" -25.5" Black Tubular Steel 190BE3200S S3200 $280.80 20.5" -25.5" Chrome Tubular Steel 190BE3210S S3210 $293.28 21" -28.25" 5-Star Black Nylon 190BE3300S S3300 $205.92 20.5" -27.75" 5-Star Polished Aluminum 190BE3350S S3350 $245.44 24" -34" 5-Star Black Nylon 190BE3500S S3500 $205.92 23.5" -33.5" 5-Star Polished Aluminum 190BE3550S S3550 $245.44 25.25" -30.25" Black Tubular Steel 190BE3600S S3600 $282.88 25.25" -30.25" Chrome Tubular Steel 190BE3610S S3610 $297.44 Ergo Deluxe Sit Stand Promotes “dynamic” standing for those who work standing up. Not intended as a true seat, but rather a way to provide periods of relief during long periods of being on your feet, while still maintaining high levels of productivity and encouraging a healthy work environment. Ergonomic design offers comfortable pressure relief, and the handle on the back makes moving the sit stand easy and convenient. The easy-to-clean, black polyurethane seat is water-, oil-, and puncture resist- ant. Features easy pneumatic height adjustment, 360° swivel, and 25" black nylon base with mush- room glides. Supports up to 300 lbs. Meets ANSI/BIFMA standards. Twelve-Year Warranty. No. 190BE3505D ..........................................................................$196.56 EVERLAST Ergonomic Polyurethane Seating Where Quality Meets Comfort Designed for heavy duty use in the busiest shop floor environments. Features: Easy to clean polyurethane seat with waterfall design, pneumatic seat height adjustment with 360° swivel, fully adjustable, comfort contour, lumbar support polyurethane backrest, sturdy, 5-legged plastic base or tubular steel base with heavy-duty nylon mushroom glides and chrome footring. Dimensions: 18-1/2"W x 17"D x 1-1/2"T, backrest: 16-1/2"W x 12-1/2"D x 1"T. Specify colors when ordering: black, blue or gray. (USA) BlackBlue/GrayHeightAdj.TiltChromeFootringBaseGlidesWt.(lbs.)ModelTTNo.PRICETTNo.PRICE15"-20"NN23"PlasticHDMG287000190BE7150$178.00190BE7700$214.0015"-20"YN23"PlasticHDMG307001190BE7151$204.00190BE7701$246.0018"-23"NWeldedSteelHDMG317200190BE7153$268.00190BE7720$323.0018"-23"YWeldedSteelHDMG337201190BE7154$308.00190BE7721$372.0019"-26.5"N18"Adj27"PlasticHDMG347300190BE7156$204.00190BE7730$246.0019"-26.5"Y18"Adj27"PlasticHDMG367301190BE7159$236.00190BE7751$282.0021"-31"N18"Adj27"PlasticHDMG347500190BE750$204.00190BE7138$246.0021"-31"Y18"Adj27"PlasticHDMG367501190BE7159$236.00190BE7751$282.0023"-28"NWeldedSteelHDMG317600190BE7160$270.00190BE7760$326.0023"-28"YWeldedSteelHDMG347601190BE7161$310.00190BE7761$374.00EVERLASTErgonomicPolyurethaneSeating EVERLAST Seating Options Wt. (lbs.) TT No. PRICE Dual Wheel Hard Floor Casters–7000, 7001, 7300, 7301, 7500, 7501 Adds 1" 0.5 190AC3850 $20.00 Dual Wheel Hard Floor Casters–7200, 7201, 7600, 7601 Adds 2" 0.5 190BE960 $21.62 Ergonomic Adjustable Arms–7001,7201,7301,7501,7601 8 190BE590 $76.05 336 • Phone: 800-832-4866 • Fax: 800-854-8665
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