materialHandlingLabelHolders Label holder solutions for every application. Wire-RacTM ANGLE-Vu Snap-on label holder for wire shelving adjusts to three different angles for easy viewing and scanning. Bar code compatible, UV-treated clear covers. TTNo.SizeBackingUnitPRICE677MH22531.25"x3"Snap-On25/pk$37.09 Open-EdgeTM Best value for high-volume applications. Top loading labels can be trimmed to desired length. Clear, heavy duty, bar code compatible PVC. White paper inserts provided. TT No. Size Backing Unit PRICE 677MH1003 1" x 3" Self-Adhesive 50/pk $19.46 677MH1006 1" x 6" Self-Adhesive 50/pk $38.70 677MH0506 1.5" x 6" Self-Adhesive 50/pk $31.71 677MH2006 2" x 6" Self-Adhesive 50/pk $46.23 677MH3005 3" x 6" Self-Adhesive 50/pk $49.45 Super-Scan® Tough, extra-large, bar code compatible label holders are ideal for pallet racking. Side load. TT No. Size Backing Unit PRICE 677MH0035V 3" x 5" Hook/Loop 50/pk $63.43 677MH0046V 4" x 6" Hook/Loop 50/pk $81.62 677MH0046M 4" x 6" Magnetic 50/pk $59.13 677MH0035M 3" x 5" Magnetic 50/pk $47.30 677MH0035 3" x 5" Self-Adhesive 50/pk $34.40 Bin-BuddyTM Self-adhesive backed labels will adhere to any space age plastic or metal container, making label changes quick and easy. Bar code compatible window assures accurate scanning and protects included laser/ink jet compatible paper inserts from dirt and moisture. Slip-StripTM Versatile self-adhesive label/document holder system displays bar codes, messages, and even letter-size notes. Heavy duty PVC with bar code compatible clear face and white backing. TT No. Size Backing Unit PRICE 677MH3610 1" x 36" Self-Adhesive 6/pk $38.16 677MH4812 1.25" X 48" Self-Adhesive 6/pk $49.99 677MH4820 2" x 48" Self-Adhesive 6/pk $60.20 677MH4830 3" x 48" Self-Adhesive 6/pk $80.09 Hol-Dex® Sturdy, matte-finished clear plastic eliminates glare for barcode compatibility. Variety of backings. TT No. Size Backing Unit PRICE 677MH0013 1" x 3" Adhesive 25/pk $17.84 677MH0014 2" x 4" Adhesive 25/pk $23.24 TT No. Size Backing Unit PRICE 677MH0221 1/2" x 6" Magnetic 12/pk $14.59 677MH0331 3/4" x 6" Magnetic 12/pk $16.76 677MH0551 2" x 6" Magnetic 12/pk $34.40 677MH0041 3/8" x 6" Self-Adhesive 12/pk $11.35 677MH0031 1/2" x 6" Self-Adhesive 12/pk $15.13 677MH0021 1" x 6" Self-Adhesive 12/pk $13.51 677MH051 2" x 6" Self-Adhesive 12/pk $23.24 Tri-DexTM A complete labeling system for plastic bins with label slot. Just laser print a label, slide it into the crystal clear, PVC holder and snap into place. Bar code compatible. Laser inserts included. Wire-RacTM TT No. Size Backing Unit PRICE 677MH1300 1" x 3" Slide-in Holder 25/pk $14.59 677MH3253 1.25" X 3" Slide-in Holder 25/pk $15.13 677MH1754 1.75" x 4" Slide-in Holder 25/pk $17.84 677MH0813 13/16" x 3" Slide-in Holder 25/pk $14.05 Easily label wire shelving with flexible, plastic label holders that snap on and off for a perfect fit. Bar code compatible, UV treated clear cover. White paper inserts included. TT No. Size Backing Unit PRICE 677MH1253 1" X 3" Snap On 25/pk $22.28 677MH1254 1" x 6" Snap On 25/pk $39.78 C-Channel Magnetic Card Holders Heavy duty magnets are a favorite for metal racks and shelves. Write On Magnetic Roll Stock White inserts provided. Over a 1,000 uses! Perfect for job tickets, signs, labels and more. Magnetic rolls are easily cut to meet any of your identification needs. TT No. Size Backing Unit PRICE 677MH7706 3/4" x 6" Magnetic 25/pk $22.16 677MH1103 1" x 3" Magnetic 25/pk $14.05 677MH1106 1" x 5" Magnetic 25/pk $24.32 677MH5506 1/2" x 5" Magnetic 25/pk $16.22 677MH2203 2" x 3" Magnetic 25/pk $19.46 677MH2206 2" x 6" Magnetic 25/pk $33.86 TT No. Size Backing Color PRICE 677MH1000 1" x 50' Magnetic Roll White $55.85 677MH2000 2" x 50' Magnetic Roll White $121.90 677MH3000 3" x 50' Magnetic Roll White $121.90 318 • Phone: 800-832-4866 • Fax: 800-854-8665
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