Soldering/DesolderingPortableIrons&Tips•Finduson... HakkoTipSizeTipTTNo.P/NDescriptionInch(mm)PRICE657TI701T18-C1BevelTip3/64"(1.2)$5.85657TI751T18-016ChiselTip1/16"(1.6)$5.55657TI752T18-024ScrewdriverTip3/32"(2.4)$5.56 HS-2752Pace® TipTTNo.EconomyGradeD1D2PRICE657TI4001121-0342.040"(1.0).085"(2.2)$7.78657TI6001121-0368.060"(1.5).115"(2.9)$8.05D1D2WellerPlatoTipTipTTNo.No.No.DescriptionSizePRICE657SO303ETAEW-303ScrewdriverTip1/16"$3.79657TI305ETBEW-305ScrewdriverTip3/32"$3.99657TI307ETCEW-307ScrewdriverTip1/8"$3.99FitStationsEC-1002,EC-2002,MC-5001,WCC-100,WCC-101,WTL-1000,DTL-1000,WES50,WES51,WD1,WD2, DEC-1000usedwithEC1201A,EC-1201AFE,EC1204A,EW103,EW105,EW305,EW307,EW0574, X1201AFE,PES50,PES51,andWCC-101Handpiece. HS-2751HS-5701WELLERCompatibleReplacementTipsWellerPlatoTipTipTTNo.No.No.DescriptionSizePRICE657TI301ETHEW-301ScrewdriverTip1/32"$4.02657SO306ETLEW-306LongScrewdriver5/64"$3.99657TI403ETPEW-403ConicalTip1/32"$3.99657TI402ETSEW-402LongConical1/64"$3.75 HAKKO Compatible Replacement Tips Plato® Tips to fit Hakko® 701, 702, 703, 926, 927, 928, 933, 936, 937, 952, 958, 959, FX-888, FX-888D, FX-889, Soldering Stations with Handpiece M926, 900M or 907 ESD, and O.K. Industries SA1000 Station with SAI-640 Handpiece. ® ® PACE Compatible Replacement Tips 3/16" (4.8mm) Plato® Tips to fit Pace® SP-1A, SP-2A, PS-80, ST-45, IR-70 SODR-PEN® Soldering Irons 3/16" (4.8mm) Plato® Tips to fit Pace® SX-65A & SX-70 SODR-X-TRACTORS ® Gas-powered Soldering Iron Kit Use anytime, anywhere – no electric required! This manual ignition tool is safe for operation under any conditions. Features: 25W – 80W equivalent electrical power, ready to use 20 seconds after ignition, up to 120 minutes/fill. Includes: SolderproTM 70 iron, 1mm catalytic soldering tip, torch head for p ifttachment,hot- °° (Fuelnotincluded).............. 8.7"OAL(w/cap).Approx.temp.soldairblower,tipcleaningsponge,coiloNo. 758SO700 P2C Butane Soldering Iron Kit Self-igniting, lightweight, compact cordless butane soldering and hot air tool. Push-button Piezo ignition. 25 to 75 watts. Fast heat-up for high productivity. Automatic cut-off switch when cap replaced. Gas capacity one hour continuous use. Kit includes: P2C iron with soldering tip, mini blow torch tip, hot knife tip, hot air tip and deflector, sponge and tray, storage case with toolholder and instructions. No. 272SO278 ........$84.16 Iron only No. 272SO279 ........$53.54 272SO031 272SO740 Tips Single Flat Double Flat No. 272SO031 0.031" $10.71 No. 272SO740 0.031" $10.92 No. 272SO093 0.093" $10.92 No. 272SO741 0.093" $10.92 Flameless Heat Gun Generates temperatures up to 1400°F, and features a wide nozzle and high-output catalyst for high- volume usage. Activate adhesives and potting compounds, preheat flux, install heat shrinkable and solder-filled terminals, handle countless other heating and drying applications. Cordless and portable, with infinitely adjustable heat levels. Features: instant-on piezo ignition, rapid heat-up, long-life catalyst, ergonomic grip, up to 120 minutes/fill. Included deflector attachment circulates heat and protects nearby work. 7.5" OAL. 20 ml gas container. (Taiwan) No. 758SO950 ....................................$85.77 Self-igniting,combinationportablesolderingironandflameless ® Ultratorch®ButaneHeatTool heat tool. Piezoelectric “push button” system – no matches or lighters neces- sary. Includes a soldering and heat tip, spanner wrench, open-end wrench, heat- shrink attachment and protective cap. Heating temperatures: 200-500°C (392- 932°F) when soldering, 700°C (1292°F) when shrinking. (Butane Not Included) No. 542PR102 ....................................................$130.00 ISO-Tip Power Pro Cordless Soldering Iron Provides up to 30 minutes of continuous soldering. Fully recharges in four hours. Includes: iron, charging stand, battery, high-efficiency fine tip, high-efficiency chisel tip. (USA) No. 858IR904 ............$84.54 ISO-Tip Hi-Efficiency Replacement Tips Heatsupfasterandgivesyou20%MOREsolderingtime! Tip TT No. Model Dia. Description PRICE 858TI535 7535-100 5/32" Regular Tip $8.33 858TI545 7545-100 1/16" Fine Tip $8.33 858TI546 7546-100 3/16" Heavy-Duty Tip $8.33 858TI566 7566-100 1/64" Micro Tip $8.33 858TI577 7577-100 5/32" Chisel Tip $8.33 858TI579 7579-100 3/32" Beveled Tip $8.33 Tip TT No. Hakko P/N Description Tip Size Inch (mm) PRICE HS-2753 657TI753 T18-032 Screwdriver Tip 1/8" (3.2) $5.55 HS-4785 657TI785 T18-B Conical Tip .040" (1.0) $5.55 HS-4787 657TI787 T18-I Conical Tip 1/64" (0.4) $6.27 HS-0927657TI927 T18-K SMD Blade 1/4" (6.3) $9.20 Tip TT No. Pace P/N Description Tip Size Inch (mm) PRICE 33-8142 657TI142 1121-0336 Conical Tip 1/32" (0.8) $6.76 33-8141 657TI141 1121-0357 Conical Tip 1/64" (0.4) $6.71 33-6056 657TI056 1121-0414 Screwdriver Tip 1/16" (1.6) $6.49
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