MaterialHandlingStorageSystems Rotating system requires less than one square yard of floor space. REDESIGNED! Holdsupto20Series1900cabinets! 1900 Storage-Go-Round System The complete Storage-Go-Round consists of the 128ST320 turntable base with inset base, threaded rod, steel upright, metal cap, nutcap, washer and wood-stabilizing plate. This system holds up to twenty Series 1900 cabinets in any combination of your choice. (Cabinets sold separately.) 31"W x 31"D x 60"H. (USA) No. 128ST320 Base Only ..........$974.09 TurntableBase B A 1900 Series Storage Cabinets Buy as separate drawer units or combine with the Storage-Go-Round carousel base. Add-and-stack design allows you to add additional storage cabinets as needed. Size D C 17"L x 11"W x 11"D. The cabinet units are made of heavy-duty, chip-proof, baked-enamel welded steel. The drawers are high-impact polystyrene with a large label slot. (USA) Cabinet No. No. of Drawers PRICE Each A 128ST284 9 $157.44 B 128ST282 15 $175.81 C 128ST280 16 $137.67 D 128ST287 20 $168.28 E 128ST276 28 $169.98 F 128ST109 9 $202.89 FE Locking Metal Cabinet High-quality, flexible and efficient ESD-protected storage for small parts. FORMERY Small Parts Storage Cabinets Stylish industrial-design cabinets feature conductive polypropylene frame, galvanized steel shelves, conductive bins and labels. Stack, wall hang or mount on turntable. Ground cord with 1MO resistor sold separately. TT No. Dimensions Drawers PRICE 429BE9040 7.08" x 12.20" x 11.41" 24 $143.04 429BE9042 7.08" x 12.20" x 11.41" 12 $129.79 429BE9037 7.08" x 12.20" x 21.65" 48 $222.52 429BE9038 7.08" x 12.20" x 21.65" 24 $190.87 429BE9038 Spacemiser Consists of ball-bearing base/baseplate, dividing trays and top plate. Holds 12 small-parts storage cabinets (429BE9037 or 429BE9038) in three layers. Order cabinets separately. Includes ground cord with 1MO resistor. 19.68" x 19.68" (x 68.11" with cabinets). No. 429BE9036..............................$437.12 Benchtop Spacemiser Holds 2 small-parts storage cabinets (429BE9040 / 429BE9042 or 429BE9037 / 429BE9038). Order cabinets separately. Includes ground cord with 1 MO resistor. 12.20" x 14.17" (x 11.81"H with cabinets 1 or 2; 22.05"H with cabinets 3 or 4). No. 429BE9039..............................$208.01 Storage Cabinet Steel frame and shelves hold 8 conductive bins. Bins have conductive labels with nonconductive protective shields. Connector for ground wire. Stack, wall hang or mount on turntable. 11.81"D x 15.75"W x 15.55"H. Benchtop Spacemiser shown No. 429BE9000 ............................$267.46 with (2) 429BE9040 cabinets. 429BE9000 Shop our web site • Find us on... 307
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