Flexible, practical storage solutions. MaterialHandlingMetroShelves Super Erecta® Shelving Systems Adjustable shelves can be easily repositioned at precise 1" increments along the length of the numbered posts. Uniquely designed shelves of open wire allow air circulation, minimize dust, and allow greater visibility of stored items. A full choice of caster types are available for mobile applications. A. Super Erecta® Chrome-Plated Wire Shelves Shelf 18"W 24"W Length TT No. PRICE TT No. PRICE 24" 474BE824 $72.45 474BE346 $89.44 30" 474BE340 $74.03 474BE347 $93.60 36" 474AC183 $70.50 474BE348 $92.70 48" 474BE601 $87.55 474BE350 $105.00 60" 474BE344 $101.46 474BE355 $124.00 72" 474BE345 $123.76 474BE356 $149.50 B./D. Chrome-Plated SiteSelectTM Posts & Handles SiteSelect posts are fitted with adjustable leveling bolts to compensate for uneven surfaces, and fit both Super Erecta® and Super Adjustable Super Erecta®shelves. Posts are grooved at 1" increments, numbered at 2" increments, and double grooved every 8" for easy spacing identification. *Height includes leveling bolt and cap. TT No. Metro No. Height Description PRICE B. 474AC033 33P* 34-1/2" Post w/Adjustable Leveling Bolts $22.37 474AC053 54P* 54-9/16" Post w/Adjustable Leveling Bolts $25.82 474AC062 63P* 62-9/16" Post w/Adjustable Leveling Bolts $26.00 474BE074 74P* 74-5/8" Post w/Adjustable Leveling Bolts $29.40 D. 474BE027 27UP 27-1/2" Post for use with Stem Casters $20.81 474CA033 33UP 33-7/8" Post for use with Stem Casters $22.66 474CA054 54UP 54" Post for use with Stem Casters $24.50 474AC663 63UP 62" Post for use with Stem Casters $26.00 474AC071 74UP 74" Post for use with Stem Casters $28.00 C. Super Adjustable Super Erecta® Chrome-Plated Wire Shelves with Levers Adjust shelves in 1" increments in seconds! AB CED E. Stem Casters Turn your Super Erecta® shelving unit into a mobile shelving unit or cart. TT No. Metro No. Dia. Shelf Width Type Wheel Tread PRICE/Ea. 474IE401 4LD 4" --Swivel $27.95 474IE402 5LD 5" --Swivel Resilient $30.98 474IE403 5M 5" --Swivel $33.50 474IE404 5MB 5" --Brake $41.00 474IE0005 5MDA 5" --Swivel High Modulus $39.43 474IE500 5MDBA 5" --Brake Donut $47.25 474IE5005 5MP 5" --Swivel $53.50 474IE505 5MPB 5" --Brake Polyurethane $60.00 474IE0550* 5MPR-18RS 5" 18" Rigid $62.33 **For use with Super Erecta® Shelves and Accessories Only. Shelving Accessories Shelf 18"W 24"W Length TT No. PRICE TT No. PRICE 24" 474BE785 $78.52 474BE242 $96.20 30" 474AC830 $80.08 474AC430 $100.36 36" 474AC836 $80.08 474AC435 $99.40 42" 474AC842 $95.16 474AC442 $116.48 48" 474AC848 $95.16 474AC447 $115.36 54" 474AC854 $110.24 474AC454 $136.24 60" 474AC860 $110.24 474AC459 $136.24 72" 474AC872 $131.04 474AC471 $163.28 TT No. Metro No. Pkg Qty Description PRICE 474AC886 9986Z 4/bg Aluminum Split Sleeves w/Zinc Rings $11.00 474BE351 9985-ESD 4/bg Super Erecta® Conductive Plastic Split Sleeves $10.50 474IE028 A9985A2 4/bg Replacement Wedges and Sleeves for Super Adjustable Super Erecta $9.49 474IE035 ASKCR 1 Screw On ESD Grounding Cable $30.10 Custom-Fit Track Systems available -contact us for more information. qwikTRAK® High-Density Shelving increases storage space by up to 50%. Aluminum and stainless steel floor tracks provide a smooth surface for mobile units while compensating for bumpy floors. Includes 18" x 36" Super Erecta® chrome-plated wire shelving. All units can support up to 2,000 lbs. Meets Government Specifications MIL-S-40144E. qwikTRAK® Storage, 10' Long No. 758BE1010 ..........................................$3,332.57 qwikTRAK® Storage, 15' Long No. 758BE1015 ..........................................$4,542.17 qwikTRAK® Storage, 20' Long No. 758BE1020 ..........................................$5,572.81 FLOORTRACK Shopourwebsitewww.techni-tool.com•Finduson... 305
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