Soldering/DesolderingEdsynStations Reliable and cost-efficient station idealfortheassemblyline. LONER®TemperatureControlledSolderingStationsModel952SXdualtemperaturecontrolallowsbothstandardandheavy-dutysolderingwithoneunit.Features:Accuratelineartemperaturecontrolforconsistentsoldering:easytomaintainandcalibrate,modularassemblyofpartsforease-of-service. WidevarietyofsolderingandSMTCROWNtipsavailable.Includes: Solderingstationandtip,toolpods(2inModel952SX), spongeholderwithcleaningsponge, leveling pad and liner, lower static computer aid. Specs: Power requirements: 120V, 60Hz.; Power rating: 15W – 220W; Heater rating: 120V, 95W; Temperature range: 400°-800°F (205°-427°C); Temperature regulation: ±6°F (±3°C); Tip-to-ground voltage leakage/ Resistance: <2V/<2 ohms; Dims: 4.1"W x 8.2"H x 10"D (104mm W x 208mm H x 254mm D); Wt: 3.1lbs/1.4 kg. (952SX), 2.5lbs/1.1kg (951SX). Single temperature controlled Station (Shown) No. 330ED159 ................................$168.50 Dual temperature controlled Station No. 330ED954 ................................$441.30 Edsyn LONER® Soldering Tips *For lead-free, high temperature soldering TipTTNo.ModelStyleWidth(A)Length(B)PRICE330ED429LT429Conical.02"(0.5mm).74"(18.8mm)$6.80330ED382LT382Conical.02"(0.5mm).62"(15.8mm)$6.96330ED608LT374Conical.03"(0.8mm).48"(12.2mm)$6.20330ED612LT375Spade.06"(1.5mm).48"(12.2mm)$6.20330ED618LT394Spade.07"(1.8mm).93"(23.6mm)$9.00330ED622LT395Spade.09"(2.3mm).74"(18.8mm)$8.22330ED616LT376Spade.12"(3.0mm).48"(12.2mm)$6.20330SO573*LT375LFSpade.06"(1.5mm).48"(12.2mm)$6.60 ZD500DX SOLDAPULLT® Self-Contained Deluxe Hot Tip Desoldering Station A self-contained, high-performance and cost-efficient desoldering station that delivers maximum heat transfer with zero crossing circuitry for ESD-safe operation. Features: Powerful 70W high-output PTC element makes heavy multi-layer boards easy to desolder; adjustable hand tool design provides comfortable working angles. Powerful vacuum pulse from stored vacuum in hose, 21" Hg minimum; Single burn-resistant cord for power and vacuum. External calibration helps with ISO9000 compliance. Specs: Power requirements: 120V, 60Hz; Power rating: 95W-200W; Heater rating: 24V, 70W; Temp. range: 400° to 800°F (205° to 427°C). Dimensions: 5"W x 8.5"H x 9"D (127mm x 216mm x 229mm). No. 330SO005 ................................$706.06 Tip TT No. Model Width (A) Length (B) PRICE 330ED012 ZD12 .03" (0.8mm) .50" (12.7mm) $20.58 330ED013 ZD13 .04" (1.0mm) .50" (12.7mm) $16.23 330ED014 ZD14 .06" (1.5mm) .50" (12.7mm) $16.44 330ED018 ZD18 .07" (1.8mm) .50" (12.7mm) $20.58 330ED113 ZD113 .04" (1.0mm) .48" ( 12.2mm) $10.29 330ED115 ZD115 .07" (1.8mm) 1.22" (31.0mm) $12.62 No. 330AC625 Replacement Filter for ZD500DX Station ................$9.02 10/pk 971e LONER® High Performance Soldering Station Advanced station with precise temperature control that delivers rapid heat-up and recovery times. The new direct tip-to-heater design provides quicker recovery, better sensing, and more accurate, stable tip temperatures. Updated, illuminated design provides improved visibility, and innovative handle design makes tip change quicker and easier. Features F°/C° display options, 400°F-800°F (205°C-427°C) temperature range, easy external calibration, and is RoHS compliant and ESD safe. Includes LT375 tip, energy-saving tool pod, modular sponge tray with round cleaning sponge, and WIGAPRY® mini screwdriver and calibration tool. 120V, 60 Hz power requirement, 15W – 220W power rating. No. 330SO973 ....................$263.73 971HAe LONER® ATMOSCOPE® SMT Station New compact hot air station provides versatile performance using hot air or contact rework methods from one handle (requires shop air or nitrogen 20-80 psi). Handle can even be used as a soldering tool by changing the sleeve and adding a soldering tip. Adjustable airflow ensures precise application of hot air, and automatic shut-off valve turns air off when handpiece is placed back in holder. Easily activate hot air and control temperature right from the station. Features 400°F-800°F (205°C-427°C) temperature range, easy external calibration, and is ESD-safe. Includes LT428 nozzle, tool pod, and modular sponge tray with cleaning sponge. 120V, 60 Hz power requirement, 15W – 220W power rating. No. 330SO975 ....................$875.48 soldering station wherever Takethiscompact,easy-to-useyou need it! 951SXe LONER® Soldering Station Featuring new illuminated analog display with both ..F and ..C options, easy external calibration, precise temperature regulation between 400-800°F (205-427°C), and fast, efficient 120V/95W heater. ESD-safe, RoHS compliant and ideal for lead-free soldering. Includes: energy saving tool pod, LT375 tip, WIGAPRY® mini screwdriver and calibration tool, and modular sponge tray with round sponge. 18 month warranty. USA. No. 330SO951 ....................$164.59 Prices in this catalog are effective January 1, 2018. While we attempt to hold prices, we cannot control when our vendors increase prices. We reserve the right to correct misprints. 30 • Phone: 800-832-4866 • Fax: 800-854-8665
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