Facility Maintenance & Safety Lab Supplies Totally tubular! Test & Culture Tubes Kimble Chase Glass 10mL Test Tubes Premium-quality glass test tubes with sturdy uniform bottoms and consistent lengths. 51 expansion borosilicate glass offers excellent chemical resistance against sodium leaching. Packed in convenient trays for ease of use and storage. 10mL capacity, 100mm length, 13mm outside diameter. Meets USP Type I and ASTM E438, Type I, Class B requirements. 100/pk. No. WWG4YNA9....................................$101.85 Kimble Chase Disposable Screw Thread Culture Tubes Round-bottomed glass culture tubes ideal for general bacteriological use. Screw thread top tubes are manufactured from 51 expansion borosilicate glass conforming to USP Type I and ASTM E438, Type I, Class B requirements. Features chevron-marking spot and 15-415 GPI thread size. Sold without caps. 16mL capacity, 16mm outside diameter, 125mm length. 1000/pk. No. WWG8PAK1 ........................................$511.54 Kimble Chase Reusable Glass Culture Tubes KG-33 glass culture tubes with a fire-polished top rim and uniform wall thickness for maximum heat transfer and chemical resistance. Each tube features a durable white ceramic enamel marking spot. Max temperature 740°F (400°C). Screw caps are rubber lined. Tubes meet ASTM E982, Type IV requirements. TT No. Capacity Outside Dia. Length Qty Screw Cap PRICE WWG38VK27 1mL 6mm 50mm 720 No $216.58 No-Wire Test Tube Rack Polypropylene no-wire test tube rack, with space for up to 24 test tubes. Stackable and submersible, with end plates for labeling in addition to numbered and lettered rows for identification. 2-1/2"H x 9-7/10"L x 4-1/10"W. Blue. No. WWG21TP56..........$32.96 OneRack Polyoxymethylene Test Tube Rack One-piece polyoxymethylene rack are fully assembled and ready to sue. Holds up to 40 test tubes. Resists most acids, solvents, and heat, and can be autoclaved. 12" x 4-3/4"L x 3-5/8"W. White. 8/pk. No. WWG28CR95........$205.85 HDPE 20mL Sample Vials Clear 20mL sample vials made from HDPE, with polypropylene closure lined with foil. 22-400 neck size, 61mm height, 27mm diameter. Pack of 500. A. No. WWG48H691 ....$167.19 Glass 20mL Sample Vials Clear 20mL sample vials made from low potassium borosilicate glass, with a urea closure lined with a polyethylene cone. 22-400 neck size, 61mm height, A 28mm diameter. Pack of 500. B. No. WWG48H846 ....$305.31 B WWG3UDH9 WWG3UDJ3 WWG3UDJ6 WWG3UDK3 Lab Safety Supply Disposable Plastic Beakers Disposable translucent polypropylene beakers with pour spout and molded graduations. TT No. Capacity Graduated Subdivisions Qty PRICE WWG3UDH9 50mL 5mL/0.25 oz 100 $41.56 WWG3UDJ3 100mL 5mL/0.5 oz 100 $55.60 WWG3UDJ6 250mL 10mL/1 oz 50 $58.28 WWG3UDK3 600mL 25mL/1 oz 25 $44.46 Dynalon Low-Form Graduated Plastic Beakers with Handle Translucent polypropylene beakers featuring a pour spout, molded graduations, and a handle. Low- form construction has increased stability. Autoclavable. WWG3VEY9 WWG3VEZ3 TT No. Capacity Graduated Subdivisions Qty PRICE WWG3VEY9 3000mL 100mL Each $15.32 WWG3VEZ3 5000mL 250mL Each $43.55 Kimble Chase 5-Piece Glass Beaker Starter Kit An assortment of popularly-sized, low-form Griffin beakers made from low extractable borosilicate KIMAX KG-33 glass. Features easy-to-read white graduated scale markings and matte finish area for pencil notes. Meets USP Type I and ASTM E438, Type I, Class A requirements. Includes 50, 100, 250, 600, and 1000mL capacity beakers. No. WWG8ZFM9 ..................................................$46.35 Kimble Chase Low-Form Graduated Glass Griffin Beakers Clear, borosilicate glass Griffin beakers for a variety of uses. Features thick, slightly flared, beaded top, with a pour spout and uniform sidewall and bottom thickness for improved mechanical and thermal properties. Easy-to-read white graduated scale. TT No. Capacity Size Graduated Subdivisions Qty PRICE WWG38VK06 250mL 88 x 68mm 25mL 48 $229.85 WWG38VJ72 1000mL 145 x 107mm 50mL 24 $321.89 WWG38VK22 4000mL 250 x 161mm 250mL 6 $534.98 www.techni-tool.com • Phone: 800-832-4866 • Fax: 800-854-8665
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