FacilityMaintenance&SafetySafetyGlassesAllmodelshavehigh-impactpolycarbonatelenseswithanti-fogandanti-scratchcoating.99.99%UVAandUVBlightabsorption. RushDuoCobraHustlerContourAtomOptionalFaceVisor(forAtom) FacilityMaintenance&SafetySafetyGlassesAllmodelshavehigh-impactpolycarbonatelenseswithanti-fogandanti-scratchcoating.99.99%UVAandUVBlightabsorption. RushDuoCobraHustlerContourAtomOptionalFaceVisor(forAtom) Cobra – Single-piece lens with 180° distortion- free viewing. Non-pressure temples for optimal fit and comfort. Contour – Single-piece lens with 180° distor- tion-free viewing. Co-molded pivoting temple arms. Outstanding side shield protection. Rush – Single-piece lens with 180° distortion- free viewing. Ultra-light dielectric, non-conductive frame. Non-slip temples. Includes adjustable cord. Hustler – Dual lens with distortion-free viewing. Rubber temple tips for superior comfort and a non-slip fit. Shiny black frames. Duo Dual Lens Goggle – Removes moisture while balancing goggle temperature and pressure with outside environment to eliminate fogging. D3 Rated for Liquid Splash Protection. Atom Goggle – Ultra-lightweight goggle with single-piece lens. Adjustable pivoting strap and PVC frame. Lens options: Clear; Smoke – excellent UV & solar radiation protection HD – delivers highest visible light transmittance; Contrast – preserves color recognition, depth perception; ESP – reduces eye strain. Perfect for indoor/outdoor; Twilight – ideal for early morning, late evening, etc.; Polarized – removes glare and the stress it causes to your eyes. TT No. Model Lens Frame PRICE 667AP0037 Cobra Clear Black $14.83 667AP0038 Cobra Smoke Black $16.53 667AP0040 Cobra HD Black $17.21 667AP0041 Cobra Contrast Black $17.21 667AP0042 Cobra ESP Black $17.21 667AP0112 Cobra Twilight Black $16.53 667AP0044 Contour Clear Black $14.03 667AP0047 Contour Smoke Black $16.84 667AP0045 Contour ESP Black $17.39 667AP0070 Rush Clear Black $8.71 667AP0149 Hustler Smoke Black $19.07 667AP0150 Hustler Polarized Black $72.03 667AP0097 Duo Clear Frosted $39.95 667AP0092 Atom Clear Blue $22.42 Face Visor -Attaches to Atom goggles to provide full-face protection. One size. No. 667AP0093............................................$14.15 HDLensSmokeLensContrastLensESPLensTwilightLensPolarizedLens Safety Glasses Comfortable wrap-around style safety glasses have 5-position, ratchet-action temples as well as non-slip rubber head grips that create a customized fit. Lens is constructed of lightweight, scratch-resistant Apolycarbonate that provides 99.9% UV protection. Black frame. (USA) Storm® Safety Glasses Clear B D Use for protection from impact in all types of Comfortable frames with a snug and C manufacturing and construction environments. comfortable fit. Frames and lens cavities A. No. 278IE110 ..................$5.23/each designed for superior peripheral vision. Nosepieces are comfortable, non-slip, breathable, Tomahawk® Safety Glasses Black Frame, Clear B. No. 278IE001 ..................$2.72/each and hypo-allergenic material. Lenses are polarized*, UV protectant with impact resistance exceeding ANSI Z87.1-2003 standards. Tomahawk® Safety Glasses Red/White/Blue Frame, Clear C. No. 278IE003 ..................$2.86/each SafetyEyewearA BC Women’s Safety Glasses Styled for the smaller contours of a woman's face. Smooth temples with optical curve provides all-day comfort. Meets ANSI standards. Clear frosted frame with clear hard-coated lens No. 656IE963............$19.91 Clear dusty rose matte frame with clear hard-coated lens No. 656IE964..............$5.99 TT No. Frame Lens PRICE A 869IE9614 Shiny black *Smoke HD polarized $39.78 869IE9215 Matte black Indoor Outdoor $10.77 B 869IE924 Matte black Clear $9.71 C 869IE117 Crystal brown HD Brown/Flask Mirror $15.42 D 869IE124 Matte black Readers, Clear, 1.5x Diopter $8.11 869IE125 Matte black Readers, Clear, 2.0x Diopter $8.11 869IE126 Matte black Readers, Clear, 2.5x Diopter $8.11 Prices in this catalog are effective January 1, 2018. While we attempt to hold prices, we cannot control when our vendors increase prices. We reserve the right to correct misprints. Shop our web site www.techni-tool.com • Find us on... 291
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