on6pckiton6pckit FineElectronicsPliers/Cutters All Erem Cutters are 100% hand-tuned to exact tolerances. “N” Series Miniatures With built-in invisible, internal springs that are so precise they maintain constant “fatigue-free” operation. Standard ESD-safe cushion grips. Can be re-sharpened for a minimum ‘cost-per-cut’ savings of 36% compared to lower quality cutters. Made of extruded, 100% machined tool steel for durability. (Switzerland) DCBEAF Cutters Diagonal Oval Head G HeadCuttingDia./ TTNo.ModelSizeCutCap.(AWG)OALPRICA272PL512512NMSemi.063"Max,Up4-1/2"$73.20Flushto16AWGB272PL612612NSSemi-.05"Max,Up4-1/4"$78.82Flushto16AWGC272PL522522NMFlush.063"Max,Up4-1/2"$7to14AWG272PL623622NSFlush.05"Max,Up4-1/4"$66.20to16AWG272PL532532NMFull.063"Max,Up4-1/2"$83.90Flushto14AWGD272PL632632NSFull.050"Max,Up4-1/4"$72Flushto16AWG272PL226E622NSFull.050"Max,Up5-3/4"$85.90Flushto16AWG Diagonal Oval Head H Tapered TT No. Model Head Size Cut Cutting Dia./ Cap. (AWG) OAL PRICE E 272PL622 622NA S Flush .050" Max, Up to 16 AWG 4-1/4" $75.70 "N" Series Miniatures Kit – 6 pc Six of the most popular cutters a convenient 6-pouch folding tool wallet. Includes: 272PL612; Tapered Relieved Head 272PL623; 272PL632; 272PL622; 272PL624; and 272PL822. No. 758PL600............$312.46 “N”Series800Cutters TT No. Model Head Size Cut Cutting Dia./ Cap. (AWG) OAL PRICE G 272PL822 822N L Flush .064" Max, Up to 14 AWG 4-3/4" $76.70 H 272PL812 812N L Semi- Flush .064" Max, Up to 14 AWG 4-3/4" $78.62 TT No. Model Head Size Cut Cutting Dia./ Cap. (AWG) OAL PRICE F 272PL624 622NB S Flush .050" Max, Up to 16 AWG 4-1/4" $66.30 A compact for the sophisticated electronics technician. Electronics Pliers Kit -6 pc Six of the most popular steel electronic pliers in a durable pocket-pouch. Includes: 4-1/2" transverse end cutting pliers, 4" diagonal cutting pliers, 5" long nose pliers with side cutter, 5" fine tip needle nose pliers, 5" flat nose pliers and 5" long nose pliers. (USA) No. 272PL1010 ................$161.20 Smooth action and exact guidance of jaws without the need for readjustment. ® SensoPlus® Pliers & Cutters Optimized grain structure and tool strength result from hot-drop forging blanks from selected, purpose-oriented high alloy carbon and chrome-vanadium-steels. Precision box joint. Spot-welded, double-leaf spring ensures consistently repeatable functioning. With slip-free thermoplastic material compound grips. ESD-safe. (Germany) Pliers Snipe Nose A TT No. Head Size Jaw OAL PRICE A 217PL372 S Smooth 5-1/4" $84.95 217PL3777 L Serrated 6-1/2" $96.38 CuttersandPliersKit-6pcIncludes:Oneeach: 217PL372,217PL556,217PL737,217PL763,217PL770,and217PL880. No.217PL703....$720.75 ® HeadCuttingCap. TTNo.SizeCut(AWG)OALPRICEB217PL327SSemi-22AWGPiano/5"$279.31Flush18AWGHard/ 16AWGNickelSideCutters,TaperedandRelievedHeadBCutters-TungstenCarbideForMedicalWire Shop our web site www.techni-tool.com • Find us on... 207
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