InspectionMagnifiers&Cleaners Clean and clear. Glass Cleaner Foaming, non-streaking glass, plastic, and surface cleaner. Safe on glass and plastics. Not intended for sensitive non-glare coatings or touch screens. Use lint- free wipes. Features: streak- free, foaming action, non- flammable, non-ozone depleting. 18 oz. No. 754CH518 ..........$5.11 Eco-Shine Glass & Surface Cleaner Cleans glass, stainless steel, chrome, mirrors, tile, plastic, ceramic and enam- el. Effectively removes finger prints, light oils and other soils. Made from 100% naturally-derived and sustainable ingredients. Features: safe on most plastics and painted surfaces, streak- free, biodegradable, low VOC, zero GWP, non-ozone depleting, non-corro- sive, moderate pH, non-flammable, non-ammoniated. 1 qt. No. 754CH1551 ........$6.59 Focal Individual TT No. Length Mag. PRICE Lens Plate PRICE 298IN072 4" 3.5x $67.22 298IN010 $46.41 298IN082 6" 2.75x $66.27 298IN060 $46.55 298IN080 8" 2.50x $61.18 298IN030 $40.90 298IN078 10" 2.00x $61.18 298IN028 $40.19 298IN076 14" 1.75x $61.18 298IN026 $40.90 Precision headband magnifier delivers three- dimensional vision. Features interchangeable optical glass lenses, padded comfort headband that adjusts to all sizes, and a durable, high-impact visor that quickly tilts up out of your way. Buy additional lens plates for different magnifications or save by buying the complete set below. VisorLIGHT This battery- powered light clips to visor. Xenon laserbeam bulb. Uses 2 AA batteries (not included). 10" cord lets you clip battery pack to headband. 42" cord lets you put battery pack on belt or in pocket. OptiVISOR binocular headbands OptiVISOR Accessories: Reduce eyestrain, and leave both hands free. OptiVISOR System OptiVISOR complete system Includes optiVISOR, OptiLOUPE, VisorLIGHT with 10' cord, and 6 lens plates in magnification range from 1.5x – 3.5x in a sturdy plastic case. No. 298IN1001 ..........$375.99 Value-priced version of the OptiVISOR with 3 interchangeable lens in 3x, 4x and 5x magnification. No. 298IN200 ..............$36.03 OptiSIGHT Illuminated Coddington, 10x Eliminates the problem of insufficient light on objects by means of a flashlight bulb in the groove of the lens. Has a 1" focal distance, 10x magnification power, 40 diopters. Uses two AA batteries (not included). No. 178IN032 ..............$30.81 TT No. Cord PRICE 298IN006 10" $32.99 298IN422 42" $33.57 OptiLOUPE This attachable lens adds 2.5x magnification. Flips up and down and attaches to either eye. No. 298IN084......$14.80 Adjustable, detachable LED light. Multiple lens 1.8X, 2.6X, 5.8X magnification. Adjustable headband and angle fixing screw. No. 711IN016 ..............$16.02 Headband Magnifier Streak Free Screen Cleaner Removes grease marks, dirt and more without streaking. Alcoholand ammonia-free formula. Ideal for: • Test Equipment Screens • Camera Screens • Computer Screens • TV Screens & much more No. 758CH474 4 fl. oz. bottle ....$3.45 Microfiber Screen Cleaning Cloths, 10" x 10" No. 758CH465 ............................$4.75 5/pk Screen Cleaner Kit – Includes: 4 fl. oz. bottle of screen cleaner and a five pack of the microfiber screen cleaner cloths. No. 758CH453 ....$7.50 Sight Savers® Lens Cleaning Tissues These anti-fog, anti- static pre-moistened lens cleaning tissues are perfect for the lab, office or in the field. Individually packed, each package contains a large 5" x 8" tissue treated with special surfactants. 100 wipes per dispenser box. (USA) No. 178CH8574 ..................$12.56/Box Optixx Precision Lens & Instrument Screen Cleaning Kit Developed to clean optical lenses, solar cells, laser hardware, glass, plastics and more without the use of acetone or alcohol. Eliminates static cling. Fluid is fast-drying, non-flammable, wipes are lint-free. Ships anywhere as “Non-Hazardous/ Non-Regulated.” Includes: 1 can cleaning fluid, 100 wipes in touch-free dispenser. No. 565CH017 ................$35.43 194 • Phone: 800-832-4866 • Fax: 800-854-8665
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