InspectionBenchtopMagnifiersShadowWhiteCarbonBlackBlazeRed886INxxxRBlazingYellow886INxxxYSpectreBlue886INxxxBBrilliantOrange886NxxxOCharcoalMist886INxxxCRacingGreen886INxxxGMedicalWhite886INxxxWStandardColorsCustomColorsSilver886INxxxSBRCOSGYW UnmatchedLEDperformancewithExclusiveAmericanmadequality! ® Green-Lite®LEDMagnifiersNewESD-safeGreen-Lite®LEDmagnifiershavenoequalintheworld!ThepatentedLEDtechnologyprovidesover400%morelightthanatypicalfluorescentmagnifier.Consumingonly8Wathighintensity,itisthemostenergyefficientmagnifierintheworld.Clamp-onbasemountingstandard,optionalmountsavailable...callforpricing!MadeintheUSA. LightingFeatures•12LEDsonRectangle&BigEye™ •6LEDson6"round&5"roundElectricalFeatures•Extremelysafe,low-voltage(15v)powersuppliesare • Contrast lighting via membrane switch auto switchable with • Built-in lighting timer for energy savings worldwide approvals • IEC plug design allows for quick cord Optical Features change -worldwide • 4 Diopter (2x lenses) Std. -O.C. White Exclusive! • Precision-ground, crown-white optical-grade glass • Five-Year Warranty • Optional frosted diffuser kits available for all models Rectangular LED Magnifiers Big Eye™ LED Magnifiers Fully dimmable light control. Industry’s largest round lens. RectangularUVLEDNowinUV! 886IN825886IN826USA 4 diopter. 7" x 5.25" 4 diopter. 7.5" diameter. No. 886IN824 Shadow White ....$515.97 No. 886IN624 Shadow White..........$489.00 Big EyeTM No. 886IN825 Carbon Black ......$499.00 No. 886IN625 Carbon Black............$489.00 Magnifier No. 886IN826 Custom Color......$518.09 No. 886IN626 Custom Color ..........$507.70 No. 886IN826USA USA Flag ............$549.00 Round LED Magnifiers Rectangular UV LED Magnifiers 44% larger view. 4 diopter. 6" diameter. No. 886IN4005 Shadow White ....$621.91 No. 886IN425 Shadow White..........$399.00 No. 886IN8240 Carbon Black ......$599.00 No. 886IN426 Carbon Black............$399.00 No. 886IN4000 Custom Color......$621.91 No. 886IN428 Custom Color ..........$414.26 To order one of the custom colors below, add the code letter of the color to “custom color” part number. (ex: Silver – 866IN4000S) RoundMagnifier 886IN2240886IN2241 ® 5" Round LED Illuminated Magnifier Fully dimmable, 5" round LED illuminated magnifier generates 4 times the light output while consuming only 1/3 the power of standard magnifiers. Features cutting-edge design, optical- grade glass, precise control over light intensity, and user-activated energy-saving mode. ESD- safe, with table-edge clamp base and 43" arm reach. Available in 3 or 4 diopter. Made in the USA. TT No. Diopter Color PRICE 886IN2240 3 Black $341.58 886IN2241 3 White $341.58 886IN2243 4 Black $362.35 886IN2244 4 White $362.35 The largest TRUE rectangular magnifier in the world! ® Vision-Lite® Shadowless, 3-sided T5 full spectrum fluorescent bulb distributes light evenly over your viewing surface without flickering or glare. Large, 7.5" x 6.2" true rectangular lens means zero distortion, and the high- quality crown-white optical glass lens gives expanded linear viewing area. All-metal construction is rugged and durable. Ergonomically designed so you don't lose your point of reference when working. ESD-safe and RoHS-compliant. Five-Year Mechanical Warranty. Made in the USA. TT No. Black TT No. Beige Arm Length Mounting Option Lens Diopter PRICE 886IN7231 886IN7230 43" Screw-down 3 (1.75x) $414.26 886IN406 886IN404 43" Clamp-on 3 (1.75x) $399.00 886IN7161 886IN7163 30" Weighted Base 3 (1.75x) $515.97 886IN7141 886IN7143 30" Clamp-on 3 (1.75x) $414.26 190 • Phone: 800-832-4866 • Fax: 800-854-8665
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