InspectionInspectionSystems MantisElite-CamShownMonitornotincluded. UniversalStandErgonomicmicroscopespromotemaximumcomfortwhileproducing razor-sharp, three- dimensional stereo images. Mantis Stereo Viewing Systems Mantis combines the viewing ease of bench magnifiers with the high resolution and magnification of a microscope. Operators will no longer suffer from eye, neck or back strain commonly associated with eyepiece technologies. Safety glasses or corrective vision eyeglasses may be worn in comfort during use. A variety of magnification options allows for unit customization for your unique application – assembly, inspection or rework. Mantis Compact and Elite models are the next generation delivering the latest in optical technology to provide precise, sharp stereo magnification. Mantis Compact excels in low-magnification range for inspection or manipulation tasks where bench magnifiers have traditionally been used. Mantis Elite offers a wider, higher-performance specification including higher magnification, field of view and working distance plus 25° head tilt capability. Features: Choice of a stand. Counter balanced universal stand with swing arm and quick move G-clamp base or high-stability bench stand with integral focus, dimmable substage illumination and a floating stage option. Lighting: Elite: 24 LEDs; 11,000 LUX; Compact: 20 LEDs; 9,400 LUX. Substage illumination -both models -(bench stand only) 13 LEDs; 1,200-4,000 LUX. Mantis Elite-Cam HD A complete solution for low-magnification inspection, manipulation and documentation, the Mantis Elite-Cam HD combines the outstanding optics of Mantis Elite with a factory integrated HD digital camera for truly superb 3D imaging plus the power, flexibility and convenience of digital image capture. Award-winning ergonomic design lets eyes and hand work together naturally, eliminating user fatigue, improving efficiency and productivity for any precision task requiring magnification. The system comes complete with software for easy-to-use image archiving and annotation, letting you inspect, document and share with ease. Stand sold separately. ¦ Unique eyepiece-less design ¦ 2x – 20x optical magnification ¦ Unrivalled depth perception and 3D view options (two position quick change turret) ¦ Unbeatable ergonomics for ¦ Factory integrated HD USB2.0 camera increased productivity MantisElite-CamHDShownwithOptionalBenchStandMonitornotincluded. MantisEliteMantisCompactMantisElite-CamHDDescriptionTTNo.PRICETTNo.PRICETTNo.PRICEHead848IN4005$2,235.00848IN4000$1,000.00848IN8001$3,460.00Universalstand,115VPowerSupply,Dustcover848IN4006$997.81848IN4001$579.04848IN4006$997.81ArticulatedArm,Stand,G-clampextendsreachto27.4"848IN4031$2,209.71848IN4029$2,164.31848IN4031$2,209.71BenchStand848IN4040$1,044.32848IN4040$1,044.32848IN4040$1,044.32WorkingDistanceFieldofViewEliteCompactEliteCompactObjectiveX496mm96mm34mm27.5mm848IN4008$235.13848IN4003$120.18-- ObjectiveX668mm73mm23mm19.2mm848IN4009$513.93848IN4004$214.23-- ObjectiveX859mm58.5mm17mm14.3mm848IN4010$711.20848IN0008$456.83-- ObjectiveX1054mm-13.5mm-848IN4011$726.78---- ObjectiveX1540mm-8.8mm-848IN4012$830.60---- ArticulatedArmStand. Mantisheadnotincluded Mantis Compact shown with optional Bench Stand 188 • Phone: 800-832-4866 • Fax: 800-854-8665
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