InspectionInspectionSystems SSZ Series Stereo Zoom Microscopes All trinocular models include new Scienscope Versa-Cam1080p HD HMI/USB camera with SD and USB capture! Other features include: Aberration and distortion-free optics, and ergonomic zoom knobs and larger eye pieces for comfortable viewing. Includes: 45 degree Stereo Zoom body, 10x eyepieces, 0.5x auxiliary lens, ring light adapter and scope cover. Trinocular Systems also include: 0.5x video coupler and focus mount. Ring Adapter Specs: • Optical Magnification: 6.7x -45x • Video Magnification: 20x -135x • Optical Field of View: 32.8mm -4.9mm • Video Field of View: 18mm -2.6mm 0.5 Aux. Lens Specs: • Optical Magnification: 3.4x -22.5x • Video Magnification: 10x -66x • Optical Field of View: 65.7mm -9.8mm • Video Field of View: 36mm -5.2mm SSZ Binocular Systems 696IN986 696IN0054696IN0051SALEPRICE$160670TTNumber:696IN0051RegPrice$1691.26Offervalidthru12/31/17 696IN984 TT No. Base Style Lighting Option PRICE 696IN0051 Dual Arm Boom Stand E1 Compact LED Ring Light $1,691.26 696IN0052 Gliding Arm Boom R2E LED Ring $1,816.92 696IN0053 Heavy Duty Articulating Arm E1 Compact LED Ring Light $1,837.68 696IN0054 Heavy Duty Articulating Arm R2E LED Ring $1,949.81 SSZ Trinocular Systems TT No. Base Style Lighting Option Video Options PRICE 696IN986 Dual Arm Boom Fiber-Optic Annular Ring Versa-Cam $4,055.23 696IN992 Dual Arm Boom R2E LED Ring Light HDMI & USB, $3,622.29 696IN985 Dual Arm Boom R3 Ring with Polarizer 23" monitor $3,790.48 696IN984 Dual Arm Boom E1 Compact LED Ring and software $3,510.16 HD Macro Zoom Video Inspection System Features new 1080p HD HDMI/USB Versa-Cam and macro video zoom optics for up to 65x magnification. Versatile camera connects to the included 23" monitor with integrated SD card capture. Integrated vertical and horizontal digital line generators and automatic white balance give you a perfect picture every time. The camera also connects to your computer via USB and included software, so you can capture, annotate, and draw on your pictures. Includes dual arm boom stand and LED ring light. With Diffused LED Ring Light (35k lux) No. 696IN983 ....................$3,119.75 With Polarized LED Ring Light No. 696IN982 ....................$3,374.12 696IN982 696IN983 MAC3 Ergonomic Digital Inspection System The newest in powerful digital/video systems merges the latest in HD video technology with the clearest macro video optics up to 40x. Provides an easy-to-use ergonomic inspection for your most fatiguing and hard-to-see quality processes. Features split-screen live image/captured image comparison, vertical and horizontal line generators, on-screen mouse controlled settings, and image/video preview and playback. System specs include 12" LCD monitor, 1080p HAD at 60fps, 2 USB 2.0 ports, auto white balance, and manual color controls. Includes dual arm boom stand and diffused LED ring light. No. 696IN981 ....................$2,905.47 696IN981 Shop our web site • Find us on... 181
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