516IN039,516IN033,516IN163,516IN089and516IN3720DropShipwithin3days! AROFactory. SHIPPING! QUICK516IN043shownwithDimmableLEDHighOutputLightRing InspectionInspectionSystems These microscopes feature 25% more magnification, 20% greater working distance and a 15% wider field of view. System273BinocularMicroscopes 23mm Binocular System 273 and Trinocular System 373 Microscopes ¦ Nearly 8" working distance when used with a 0.5X reducing lens All microscopes feature nearly 8" of working distance so you can easily maneuver an object being inspected without damaging it. All System 373 Trinocular microscope systems and select models of the 273 binocular microscope system are available as ESD-safe versions, which are the industry’s first, thanks to metal-laced paint that measures 105O/sq (static dissipative). Use for inspection and assembly applications in static-sensitive environments. System 373 TRU trinocular microscopes are the first to let you simultaneously view images on-screen and through the eyepieces. Output directly from a USB 3.0 STD camera to a laptop or PC to view streaming video or capture still images. The 26" System 273 and 24" System 373 stainless-steel, horizontal ball-bearing boom extension and 19.5" vertical boom are mounted to a 10" x 10" die-cast base. Stands can be adjusted to virtually any vertical or horizontal angle, and heads can be rotated 360° in their focus mounts. Lighting options include Fluorescent Ring Light, 150W Fiber Optic Illuminator, Dimmable LED Ring Light, Dimmable High-Output Ring Light and LED 3000 Ring Light. Specifications: Optical Magnification: 7X -45X; Video Magnification: 16.7X -107.2X; Optical Field of View: 32.8mm -5.1mm; Video Field of View: 22.9mm -3.6mm; Working Distance: 118mm. 0.5X Aux. Lens Specifications (Not Included): Optical Magnification: 3.5X -22.5X; Video Magnification: 8.3X -53.6X; Optical Field of View: 65.7mm -10.2mm; Video Field of View: 45.7mm -7.1mm; Working Distance: 195mm No. 516IN070 0.5x Reducing Lens 23mm ..................$150.00 No. 516IN071 0.7x Reducing Lens 23mm ..................$151.50 TT No. Stand Option Lighting Option ESD Safe PRICE 516IN039 2 ----$1,703.40 516IN089 2 --X $1,760.50 516IN033 2 5 --$1,943.88 516IN030 2 6 --$2,505.00 516IN189 2 9 X $2,065.00 516IN043 2 7 --$2,250.00 516IN780 2 9 --$2,019.03 516IN184 2 8 --$2,490.00 516IN783 1 9 --$2,504.94 516IN3784 1 ----$1,197.14 516IN038 3 ----$1,703.40 516IN3714 4 ----$1,770.56 179Shopourwebsitewww.techni-tool.com•Finduson... StandOptions: 1-LabStand2-DualArmBoom3-ArticulatingArmwithClamp4-ArticulatingArmwithVerticalExtensionLightingOptions: 5-FluorescentRing6-FiberOpticAnnularRing7-Dimmable40LED8-DimmableHighOutput80LED9-LED3000RingLightSeePage183forLightingOptions516IN288shownwithDimmableHighOutputLEDSystem373TrinocularMicroscopesNo.516IN038TrinocularESD-SafeMICROSCOPE! TT No. Stand Option Lighting Option USB 3.0 Camera TRU Option ESD Safe PRICE 516IN283 2 8 X X X $4,180.00 516IN288 2 8 X --X $4,188.36 516IN163 2 ------X $2,213.20 516IN3721 2 6 X X X $4,189.99 516IN3720 2 ----X X $2,313.80 No.516IN3784
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