Soldering/DesolderingPACESystems&Tips ST Series Systems Heavy-duty metal housing makes it the ideal choice for the harshest environments. ¦ IntelliHeatTM ¦ Temperature ¦ Stackable Control Technology Adjustment Lockout ¦ Can be mounted under ¦ °C/°F Temperature ¦ ESD grounding jack workbench or shelf Scales ¦ ESD-safe metal housing with optional bracket Improves quality, reduces costs and eliminates the maintenance and calibration hassles associated with other systems. The sloped face of the front panel is a standard feature for ease of use. An optional mounting bracket is available to mount the system under a workbench or shelf, preserving precious benchtop space. Packaged with the TD-100 ThermoDrive or PS-90 universal soldering iron. (USA) Tips sold separately. ST 30 with TD-100 ST 50 with TD-100 ST 50 with PS-90 Universal ThermoDrive Soldering Iron ThermoDrive Soldering Iron Soldering Iron (Not Shown) No. 612SO0499 ....$284.72 No. 612SO0500 ....$326.15 No. 612SO0532 ....$304.28 612SO0500 Power module temperature control improves and protects your process. ¦ IntelliHeatTM ¦ Stackable ¦ Supplied with 6.5, 7 Control Technology ¦ Performance level & 7.5 Power Modules ¦ ESD grounding jack lockout (if Power ¦ Can be mounted under ¦ ESD-safe Module is removed the workbench or shelf with metal housing system is shut down) optional bracket Single channel IntelliHeatTM power supply controlled by interchangeable power modules. Comes with TD-100 ThermoDrive soldering iron, optional Instant SetBack Cubby extends TD-100 ThermoDrive iron tip life, especially beneficial for lead-free soldering. The ST 70 is the easiest to operate. Simply select the performance level you desire, plug in the appropriate power module and the system takes care of the rest! It improves quality and reduces costs while protecting your process. (USA) Tips sold separately. No. 612SO0504........................................$303.29 612SO0504 Twice the maximum power output to make your high-volume applications easier. WJS™ 100 120 Watt High-Power Soldering System ¦ Exclusive IntelliHeat™ control technology ¦ Temp setback and auto-off ¦ Fully programmable digital processor, ¦ Definable operating temperature range LED display and keypad ¦ Lower cost of ownership ¦ Password lockout ¦ 120 watt A special range of gold-end tip heater cartridges delivers maximum heat through-put to increase productivity while allowing you to solder safer at lower temperatures, even with lead-free solder. Temperature range: 400-850°F; 120 VAC, 50/60Hz. Includes: TD-100 Thermo-Drive® handpiece and tool stand that holds up to 6 tips, sponge, stay-moist well, and brass wool tip cleaner. Can also be used with Instant SetBack Cubby. Uses 1128 series tips (Sold Separately) WJS-100 Soldering Station WJS-100 Soldering Station with Instant SetBack Cubby No. 612SO6100 ..........$373.22 No. 612SO6103 ..........................................$452.64 1128 Series Tips•Finduson... TipTTNo.DescriptionTipPRICE612SO521LargeTip45°Chisel..0.063"$13.17612SO525LargeTip45°Chisel..0.125"$13.17612SO588LargeTip45°Chisel..0.188"$13.17612SO551LargeTip45°Chisel..0.250"$13.17612SO561LargeTip45°Chisel0.281"$13.17612SO571LargeTip45°Chisel..0.313"$13.17612SO2832MiniWave0.11"$13.17612SO2837KnifeBlade0.25"$18.47TipTTNo.DescriptionTipPRICE612SO2801ConicalSharpExtended.032"$13.17612SO2802ConicalSharp.016"$13.17612SO2803ConicalSharpBent30°.016"$13.17612SO280830°Chisel.047"$13.17612SO281230°Chisel.032"$13.17612SO281330°Chisel.094"$13.17612SO281930°Chisel.062"$13.17612SO2810ExtraLargeChisel.203"$13.17
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