Soldering/DesolderingWellerRework&Repair WTHA1 Hot Air Station Compact, easy to operate, 900W station with smart temperature profile mode and up to 5 presets available. Features a built-in, high-performance hot air pencil with finger-activated switch and flexible silicone hose. Also features a multi-function LCD screen, quick access menu button, and up to 100 l/min expanded hot hair. ESD-safe. No. 272SO739..............................................$713.63 TNR 25 Round Nozzle 2.5mm TNR 70 Round Nozzle 7mm TNRB 60 Round No. 272SO742 ..........$54.47 No. 272SO744 ..........$26.35 Nozzle 6mm x 45° TNR 40 Round Nozzle 4mm TNRB 17 Round Nozzle 1.7mm x 45° No. 272SO746....$44.82 No. 272SO743 ..........$14.88 No. 272SO749 ..........$56.65 Precise. Flexible. One-of-a-kind. WTQB1000 Rework Station Weller introduces a new SMD rework system, the WTQB1000, enabling the user to easily and effi- ciently perform desoldering, pad-cleaning, posi- tioning and soldering. Due to an integrated camera, even the smallest parts can be manually placed and repaired with highest precision. A user-friendly software, which can be easily installed on any per- sonal computer, enables a simple handling of the station. All rework profiles are individually adjustable and recallable. The station is ESD-safe which prevents damage or degradation of sensitive components and enables safe usage in protected assembly areas. Minimum component size: 1mm x 1mm. Maximum component size: 42mm x 42mm. Bottom heater: max. 2000W (infrared). Hot air tool: 300W. Recommended maximum PCB size: 200mm x 260mm. Uses WTQB1000 Series Nozzles, sold separately. WTQB1000 Rework System No. 272SO1009 .......................$11,628.00 ¦ ESD-safe ¦ Full rework cycle capability meets highest ¦ Camera supported positioning system repeatability and reproducibility of results enables high-precision work even on very ¦ No optical calibration needed small components ¦ Complete tools portfolio and exceptionally wide portfolio of accessories available Solder and desolder with separate handpieces simultaneously. WR2000 Rework System ¦ ESD-safe ¦ Simultaneous use of 2 tools ¦ Self-contained ¦ Power-saving ECO button ¦ Programmable temperature vacuum and puts unit into sleep mode memory key air turbine Versatile 300-watt, 2-channel stations. Ideal for production, engineering and repair work. Choose between desoldering unit featuring the DXV80 pencil with internal disposable solder collection tube, or DXV80 and WSP80 soldering pencil and iron, or hot air unit featuring HAP1 hot air pencil. All units also run all Weller 200-watt solder and desoldering tools. 272SO2202 Model WR2000 WR2000X WR2000VX TT No. 272SO94760 272SO2202 272SO3200 Station Type Soldering Hot Air Soldering/ Desoldering Soldering/ Desoldering Temperature Range 150°F to 999°F 150°F to 850° F 150°F to 850°F Desoldering Pencil/Iron (included) HAP1 DXV80 DXV80, WSP80 Tip (included) 0058727821 DS112 DS112 Includes Stand, power cable Stand, power cable Stand, power cable PRICE $1,373.19 $1,380.31 $1,685.99 Tiplets for DXV80 Pencil A(O.D.)B(I.D)CTTNo.ModelInchmmInchmmInchmmPRICE272SO9112DX1120.0912.300.0391.000.90623.00$15.20272SO0113DX1130.0982.500.0471.200.90623.00$15.20272SO114DX1140.1303.300.0711.800.90623.00$15.41 WR2000 Accessories No. 272SO1899 HAP1 Hot air pencil with 1.2mm Nozzle and Stand ......$360.87 No. 272SO802 DXV80 desoldering pencil with DX112 tiplet..................$255.84 PricesinthiscatalogareJanuary1,2018.Whileweattempttoholdprices,wecannotcontrolwhenourvendorsincreaseprices. Wereservetherighttocorrectmisprints. Shop our web site • Find us on... 15
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